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NEW Pictures of Dakota doing the Press Conference of "Fifty Shades of Grey" today [January 31, 2015]

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Portrait B&W

Scans: "Fifty Shades of Grey" in "Movie+" Magazine [February 2015]

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Jamie talks about Dakota with "DT Downtown" Magazine Spain

From JDornanLife:


What do you think Dakota brings to Ana’s character? 

Jamie: I didn’t know her before filming this movie, but the first time I saw her I noticed it. She is young and she has a vulnerability that is very credible, but also she is very strong and that makes her interpretation to be very realistic. At the same time, she is very funny so she is perfect for this role. There is a lot of humor in the books/film.

NEW "Fifty Shades of Grey" TV Spots + Screencaps

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German with three new short scenes :)

 Two new short scenes with Ana :)

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Scans: "Fifty Shades of Grey" in "Cineplex" Magazine [2015]

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HQ Pictures of Dakota touching down at LAX airport yesterday [January 30, 2015]

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Scans: "Fifty Shades Of Grey" in Russian Newspaper "Metro" [2015]

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NEW "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Still with Dakota and Jamie!

BTS Video with Dakota and Jamie for "Glamour" Magazine Photoshoot 2015 + Screencaps

Our Master Post [Pictures + Interview] 

Transcript by JDornanLife

Dakota: Hi, I’m Dakota Johnson from Fifty Shades of Grey.
Jamie: And I’m Jamie Dornan from Fifty Shades of Grey.
Asker: Hey guys, how are you guys feeling today?
Dakota: Good.
Jamie: Really good.
Asker: What kind of music do you guys want behind this interview?
Dakota: Ska.
Jamie: Yeah.
Asker: What’s one thing you always bring to set?
Dakota: My smile.
Asker: Can you describe your dream shoes?
Dakota: Ones with jets on them.
Asker: If you could only wear one colour for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Dakota: Black.
Asker: What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for a girl?
Jamie: Take her to Venice.
Asker: What is the best part about being a dad?
Jamie: All of it.
Asker: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Jamie: Do not eat the yellow snow.
Asker: Boxers or briefs?
Jamie: Boxers.
Asker: Who is the sexiest superhero?
Dakota: Batman.
Asker: Skinny dipping or strip poker?
Jamie: Both.
Asker: What’s the sexiest weather?
Dakota: Rain.
Asker: All right guys, Harry Potter - dominant or submissive?
Dakota: Sneaky dominant.
Asker: Donald Trump - dominant or submissive?
Jamie and Dakota: Submissive!
Asker: Mr Belding from ”Saved by the Bell” - dominant or submissive?
Dakota: Dominant.
Jamie: Super dominant.
Asker: What is the sexiest thing about women?
Jamie: Hair.
Dakota: Body hair.
Asker: What about for men?
Dakota: Hands.
Asker: What’s the weirdest fetish you’ve ever heard of?
Jamie: Sexual enjoyment from vacuum cleaners.
Asker: What’s the most effective aphrodisiac?
Dakota: Grapes. Those are aphrodisiac.
Asker: Who is the sexiest cartoon character?
Jamie: Jessica Rabbit.
Asker: Where is the weirdest place to have sex?
Dakota: The aquarium...
Asker: So guys, who do you think is the kinkiest character in the cast of ”Friends”?
Dakota: Ross.
Jamie: Marcel, the monkey.
Asker: Did you know that the dolphin is the horniest animal in the animal kingdom?
Dakota: Yeah, I watch Animal Planet.
Asker: Okay, so now some questions about the movie. Can you name any actual shades of grey?
Dakota: Charcoal...
Jamie: Dark... grey.
Asker: What shade of red is the Red Room?
Jamie: Not grey.
Asker: What’s Ana’s spirit animal?
Dakota: An unicorn.
Asker: What about Christian’s spirit animal?
Jamie: A lion.
Asker: What do you have most in common with Christian?
Jamie: Feet.
Asker: What do you have most in common with Ana?
Dakota: We have the same spirit animal.
Asker: What board game would Christian and Ana play on a rainy night?
Jamie: Risk.
Dakota: Life.
Asker: What’s the hottest place you’ve ever seen someone reading this book?
Jamie: I saw someone reading it on like a lilo while they were floating on the ocean…
Asker: Seriously?
Jamie: I made that up.
Asker: What celebrity do you get mistaken for the most?
Jamie: Eddie Murphy.
Asker: Would you ever consider growing your hair long?
Jamie: Yeah, if I have to for work. Yeah.
Asker: What would your hip-hop stage name be?
Jamie: DJ...JD.
Asker: What are 3 things you always keep in your bag?
Dakota: My keys, chapstick, candy...
Asker: What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever been on a date?
Dakota: I don’t know.
Jamie: I’ve never been on a date.
Asker: What is the most romantic language in the world?
Dakota: French.
Asker: Can you say something in another language?
Jamie: Superpra. It means "very good" in Swedish.
Asker: So guys what pet should I get my girlfriend?
Dakota: A pig!
Asker: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Dakota: My attitude.
Asker: What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?
Jamie: I once did a two footed jump on a banana skin.
Dakota: That’s a true story!
Jamie: That’s actually a true story. I nearly broke my neck.
Asker: Who’s your celebrity crush?
Dakota: Aidan Quinn.
Asker: What about you Jamie?
Jamie: Aidan Quinn.
Asker: What’s one Beyonce song that you want to listen to for the rest of your life?
Jamie: ”Drunk In Love”.
Dakota: For sure.
Asker: What are 3 words you would use to describe Dakota?
Jamie: Funny... talented... and caring.
Asker: What’s one word you would use to desrcibe Jamie?
Jamie: It’s meant to be instinctual.
Dakota: Superb.
Jamie: Wow.
Dakota: You’re welcome.
Jamie: Thanks.
Asker: Who was the first person you called when you found out you got the part?
Jamie: I went to sleep.
Dakota: Yeah, I don’t think I called anyone either.
Asker: Okay, last question. Did you have the best time ever answering questions from strangers on an iPad?
Dakota: Yes.
Jamie: Yes. Best time ever, yeah.

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Scans: Dakota & "Fifty Shades of Grey" in "TV Movie" Magazine Germany [2015]

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NEW Images of Dakota and Jamie in "TV Spielfilm XXL Heft 4" Magazine Germany [2015]

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NEW Pictures of Dakota and Jamie for "Glamour" Magazine Photoshoot [2015]

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Glamour US


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Glamour Germany
New Outtake

Cover and Others outtake

Scans: Dakota in "Madame Figaro" France [2015]

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NEW Photoshoot + Interview of Dakota and Jamie in "Glamour" Magazine [2015]

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UHQ Scans

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HQ Scans

HQ Tagged Outtakes
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Transcription by JDornanLife

I can show you how pleasurable pain can be.... There will be pain, but nothingyou can't handle.... Do you trust me, Ana? 

If you have to ask, that’s billionaire Christian Grey smooth-talking recent college grad Anastasia Steele in E. L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey, the novel that sparked Fifty Shades Fever. Since 2011 the trilogy has sold more than 100 million copies and “Fifty Shades" references have been slapped onto everything from classical music albums to baby onesies (“All my mommy wanted was a night with Mr. Grey”); perhaps not coincidentally, the bedroom practices popularized by the book have gone mainstream too, with bondage clubs popping up at Ivy League schools and sales of Ana’s favorite sex toys skyrocketing. But like it or not —and lots of people don’t— the phenomenon is just getting started. On February 13 Fifty Shades of Grey the film is set to dominate theaters, and its two previously under-the-radar stars, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, are about to find out how it feels to be bona fide sex symbols. 

You may recognize their faces: Johnson, the 25-year-old daughter of actors Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, made her film debut at only 10 in Crazy in Alabama, directed by her stepdad, Antonio Banderas. She went on to charm audiences with small roles in big pictures like The Social Network and 21 Jump Street, as well as the lead in the critically beloved TV show Ben and Kate. And Dornan, 32, is no stranger to being the Man Women Want. The Belfast, Northern Ireland, native spent 10 years modeling for Dior, Armani, and Calvin Klein, posing shirtless with Kate Moss and in his undies with Eva Mendes. But if you’re tempted to dismiss him as a model who’s “trying" to act, instead of an actor who modeled, his two seasons as a serial killer in the BBC series The Fall will cure you of that notion.

So are they ready? “I don’t think anyone can really prepare Jamie and Dakota for what’s going to happen when this film comes out," says Fifty Shades (female!) director, Sam Taylor- Johnson. Taylor-Johnson (no relation to Dakota) says she’s “very protective” of both her stars, but even she won’t be able to shield them from critics ready to pounce on the material. (Salman Rushdie once proclaimed that Fifty Shades the book “made Twilight look like War and Peace”) But the Fifty Shades cast and crew are more concerned with pleasing die-hard fans, who congregate on message boards and at book clubs, hotly debating every morsel of news on the film’s development, from the last-minute casting of Dornan as Christian (was he a good enough replacement, they debated, for Charlie Hunnam, who dropped out because of scheduling issues?) to Johnson’s hair in the trailer (is it as long as Ana’s should be? as dark? as bedhead-y?).

So much speculation! Glamour went in search ofthe real story of the making ofthe movie, and in this exclusive, Dornan, Johnson, and Taylor-Johnson took turns divulging the details of their Fifty Shades ride so far. Mr. Grey and Co. will see you now. On Chasing the Hottest Roles in Hollywood Dakota johnson: I had read the books and was drawn to the character of Ana because she’s private, loving, honest—and because she and Christian are both incredibly intelligent, con- fident, and can spar with each other on every level. I auditioned for two months. I met with Sam abunch oftimes. So when I found out I had the part, I think I started crying. I was relieved the not-knowing was over. 

Sam Taylor-Johnson: Dakota was everything that I wanted in Anastasia. She has a strong sense of who she is, but at the same time there’s a sweetness about her. It was tough to find Christian because, on the page, he’s perfect. In real life there aren’t so many people that tick all those boxes: to be able to be charismatic and charming, successful, wealthy, and devastating handsome.

Jamie Dornan: At first, I didn’t audition. I made a tape in London with a casting director. I didn’t hear anything until they cast Charlie [Hunnam]. I thought it was kind of funny to say that I’d auditioned to play Christian and failed miserably. Then whatever happened with [Charlie] happened, and the doors opened again.

Dakota: It was disappointing [when Charlie left], but everything happened the exact way it was supposed to, I think.