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"Bad Times At The El Royale" Stills of Dakota as Emily Summerspring


HQ Pictures of Dakota in Los Angeles today [October 29th, 2018]

New Interview of Dakota and the cast of "Suspiria" with LA Times


The morning of the Los Angeles premiere of his latest film “Suspiria,” “Call Me by Your Name” director Luca Guadagnino pondered recent events as he contemplated how audiences will receive his deliciously divisive art house horror film.

“Your President Trump yesterday said, ‘I am a nationalist,’ which makes me shiver a tingle of the uncanny,” said Guadagnino, momentarily somber during a breakfast conversation about his witchy new work.

Set within an all-female dance company in Germany, where a young woman becomes ensnared in sinister supernatural machinations, “Suspiria” packs in body-crunching gore, evocative sensations galore and an enthralling Thom Yorke score.

Playing out within a divided Berlin as the cloud of Adolf Hitler’s legacy hangs over the violent clashes of the German Autumn, this remake of Dario Argento’s cult classic of the same name also has much more on its mind than meets the eye.

New Interview of Dakota with GMA News Network

On what the original “Suspiria” movie meant to her: 

I saw the original film after Luca had asked me if I would make this film with him. We were on the set of “A Bigger Splash” and he had asked if I had seen “Suspiria” and I said no.

Then he asked if I would do this with him and I said yes. I saw the film and I understood so many of the influences from some of my favorite filmmakers. It was as though a whole world had opened to me and I didn’t know about it before. So I just felt so lucky and I felt so excited.

On whether the horror movie genre is something an actress has to go through:

I don’t know if it’s a thing that you go through, if it’s a phase that you go through. Apparently, it’s a phase that I am going through or went through last year when I made these movies. I never thought that I would be into genre films, not as intense. But I really love them. I think I had to, for so long I only understood horror films from a very objective position and I didn’t find the love in them, but I guess I have in these last couple of movies and in “Suspiria.” It’s a love story.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Pictures + Videos Dakota and the cast at the "Suspiria" Q&A at ArcLight Cinemas in Los Angeles tonight [October 27th, 2018]

New Interview of Dakota with the Observer

Dakota Johnson first worked with director Luca Guadagnino on his 2015 film A Bigger Splash. It was there that the two talked about his plans for a remake of the 1977 horror film Suspiria, and when he asked if she’d be interested in joining the cast, she accepted without hesitation. In the movie, Johnson plays Susie Bannion, an American girl who runs away from her Mennonite family to join a prestigious dance company in Berlin. But it soon becomes clear that there are occult machinations working behind the scenes that Susie must reckon with. Johnson spoke with Observer about the mental and physical toll the part took, and how she learned modern dance.

One interview claimed that making this film sent you to therapy.

Dakota: That comment was taken a little bit out of context. I did go to therapy after the movie, but I’m also always in therapy. I like to unpack my experiences on a set, especially if it was particularly intense. I’m a really porous and empathetic person, so things stay with me. I think it’s healthy for my mental state to work through these things, and then relinquish them.

Your character goes through a very internal journey. There’s not a lot that’s said explicitly in the movie. How did you prepare for this type of performance?

Dakota: It was important to me that Susie’s evolution was very internal and subtle, but comprehensible. Where she ends up in the film, and why she ends up there, is all because of an energy and a feeling that she has. Nothing happens to her, it all happens within her. It was a matter of negotiating with the character, the story, and between me and Luca, where the shift would take place—where she changes and becomes something else, or at least when she decides to do that.

UPDATED: "Suspiria" Movie Clips

You're In A Company Now

We'll Have to Build You Up

Take Olga To Her Room

Susie's First Dance

New/Old Picture of Dakota on the "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Set


Friday, October 26, 2018

UPDATED: New/Old Outtakes of Dakota for ELLE Magazine 2018 [Gucci Bloom Promo]

New Interview of Dakota with Indiewire

Dakota Johnson hadn’t even seen Dario Argento’s 1977 giallo classic “Suspiria” when she agreed to star in its bloody, bruising remake about a Berlin ballet school overrun by witches and plenty of female aggression. Director Luca Guadagnino first mentioned the project to Johnson when the pair was filming “A Bigger Splash” in Italy during the summer of 2014, the first film in what’s shaping up to be quite the ongoing collaboration.

Johnson had not yet seen the original, but the filmmaker was intent on her playing the lead role of seemingly wide-eyed dancer Susie Bannion. As the actress recalls, the answer was easy enough, and Johnson issued some variant on “okay, great, let’s do it.” Eventually, she watched Argento’s film, though she promises that viewing didn’t distort her experience when it came time to play a very different Susie. “The two films are so very different that I didn’t feel like it sort of clouded my performance or influenced me in a way where I couldn’t get away from it,” she said.

Of course, there’s also the influence of Guadagnino, who Johnson clearly adores. While the film is bursting with feminine energy and some complex interpersonal relationships among a primarily female cast, the actress had zero concerns about it being directed by a man. (That man, though, could really only be Guadagnino.) “I think that only Luca would make this movie the way it was made,” she said with a laugh. “I just wanna be with him all the time, so it’s very convenient for me.”

HQ Pictures of Dakota in Hollywood yesterday [October 25th, 2018]

Thursday, October 25, 2018

New Interview of Dakota in F Magazine Italy [October 31st, 2018]


Translated by Us

Your appeal has caused quite a stir. Have you ever been abused?

Dakota: Luckily, I've never been bothered, on and off the set. I grew up in this environment and I soon learned how to avoid uncomfortable situations. Even though my mum Melanie feared for me at the beginning of my career, I always got away with it. Unfortunately, other actresses have not been so lucky.

In her latest film Bad Times At The El Royale, just presented at the Rome Film Festival, you are one of the mysterious characters who meet up at a hotel: a strong woman with a gun in her hand. Does that describe her?

Dakota: It's a crossover between The Bride/Beatrix from Kill Bill and a fool of Sin City. My Emily is a bit androfina, and she speaks little: to communicate she uses more eyes and actions. It reminded me of Steve McQueen, who is one of my absolute idols. In addition to my father of course!

HQ Pictures of Dakota at the "Suspiria" LA Premiere After-Party [October 24th, 2018]


Dakota doing Press Junket for "Suspiria" in Los Angeles [October 24th, 2018]


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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Dakota at the "Suspiria" Premiere in Los Angeles today [October 24th, 2018]

HQ Pictures of Dakota at the "Suspiria" Press Conference in Los Angeles today [October 24th, 2018]

New "Suspiria" Promotional Pictures


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Luca Guadagnino talks about "Suspiria" and mentions Dakota with Vulture

This is your second film with Dakota Johnson.
Luca: Isn’t she amazing? You know, she plays two roles, but the second role is not in the movie that is coming out. I’ve never said it to anybody, but this is a little present for Vulture. She was playing Naomi, the twin sister of Susie, back in Ohio.

Do we ever see Naomi’s face?
Luca: For a second in the main titles at the beginning: her sister looming there.

What was your first impression of Dakota?
Luca: I was casting A Bigger Splash, and we had to recast the role of Penelope. She was having a little holiday in Europe, so she came to see me in Crema. I remember she was very suspicious. She was really private in that meeting, but I knew it had to be her. I found her very sharp. I like intelligent people. And I like her face very much.

What is it about her face?
Luca: It can change very much. And I instinctively felt that the camera would love her face. I don’t want take off the individuality of Dakota in what I’m saying, but I can see Tippi Hedren. Dakota’s her own thing, but there are these remnants. And that’s so attractive to me because I am a big fan of Tippi. I love all the great Hitchcock blondes.

You made her a redhead here.
Luca: Auburn hair comes with a sense of unknown, to me.

When you two made that first film together, what did you learn about directing her?
Luca: She’s really bombastic, and she’s really bold. She doesn’t shy away. She goes for it. She’s not pretty and nice and acting. She’s really committed to be.

She’s not an actor who’s worried about her angles.
Luca: Oh, no. When an actor is worried about the angles, it’s the end of it. It’s like a date gone south.

New Interview of Dakota and Luca Guadagnino with Entertainment Weekly

Luca, you’ve talked before about seeing the original Suspiria as a teenager and falling in love with it then. What was it about the film that hooked you and made you want to make your own version?

LUCA GUADAGNINO: I think it’s because I was very ambitious when I was a kid and I had this crazy dream of being a filmmaker, not really knowing how a filmmaker [would go about] making a movie. And watching a movie like Suspiria, where I was immersed in an atmosphere that was so completely wild and free, I guess that was probably was what made me want to do it again — to try to replicate that sense of freedom and unleashed wildness.

Dakota, what was your reaction when Luca came to you about this movie?

DAKOTA JOHNSON: I had not seen the original film, but when he asked me if I would be a part of it, I automatically said yes. And then once I got ahold of a DVD and watched the movie, it was amazing because I understood a lot of the inspiration that some of my favorite filmmakers drew from the movie, and I understood the kind of cult following that I had learned about afterwards. It was funny because prior to Luca telling me about the movie, I hadn’t known of it. And then once I knew of it, it exploded into my world in all these different corners, and people I didn’t know knew about it would talk to me about it. It was really kind of funny how that happened.

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Dakota will attend at the “Be Beautiful Be Yourself” Charity Event by Global Down Syndrome Foundation on October 20th

New "Suspiria" Promotional Stills


Dakota will be on "Late Late Show with James Corden" on October 22nd

“Fifty Shades” co-stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan each appear in new projects this fall. Johnson stars in “Bad Times At The El Royale” and “Suspiria,” while Dornan has lead roles in “My Dinner With Herve” (HBO) and “A Private War.”

To support their films, the actress and actor will make appearances on “The Late Late Show With James Corden.”

According to 1iota, Johnson will be a discussion guest at the October 22 “Late Late Show” taping. Gordon Ramsay is also booked for that broadcast.

HQ Pictures of Dakota at the Heathrow Airport in London today [October 17th, 2918]