Monday, August 31, 2015

Dakota is in the commercial of spanish TV "El Hormiguero" 3.0!

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The cast of "Black Mass" will be in Boston on September 15th for a Private Screening

From The Boston Globe: Prepare for a Johnny Depp sighting in Brookline. The cast of “Black Mass” will be in town Sept. 15 for a private screening of the Whitey Bulger biopic at the Coolidge Corner Theatre.

Reps for the movie didn’t say who will walk the red carpet at the local premiere, but Depp’s “Black Mass” producers have already said that he’s excited to do promotion for the film.

Depp — who plays Bulger in the movie — and his co-stars, who include Benedict Cumberbatch as Billy Bulger, Joel Edgerton as FBI agent John Connolly, and Julianne Nicholson as Connolly’s wife,Marianne, are scheduled to walk the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 14.

One actress who probably won’t be at either screening is Sienna Miller. She was in town last year to film scenes opposite Depp as Whitey’s girlfriend, Catherine Greig, but according to the Daily Mail, the character was cut out of the film.

The movie, based on the book by former Boston Globe reporters Dick Lehr and Gerry O’Neill, has its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival this week.

Scans: Dakota, "Black Mass" and "A Bigger Splash" in "Ciak" Magazine Italy + Translation


Director Scott Cooper Mentions Dakota:

"She's young but fearless, she's not afraid of anything. She might seem fragile but she's really tough. Dakota Johnson has been standing Johnny Depp's ground like a boss."

"The actors know that I'm on their side, a part of their team. I love collaborations but I hate auditions, I prefer to meet up with the actors for a few hours and see if we have the same ideas and thoughts. I hate rehersals, too. The movie must begin with the word "action" and end with "cut"; I'm not looking for parrots that come to set to repeat over and over again something they've learned by memory at home."

About A bigger Splash, there are no quotes about Dakota in the article.

Scans thanks to @justjamiedakota.
Translation thanks to EDJ.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Black Mass" Official Screenings and Press Conference Dates at the Toronto Film Festival

Screenings and Press Conference.

Monday September 14th
"Black Mass" Press Conference – 12pm ET/5pm BST/2am AEST
"Black Mass" Red Carpet Premiere – 8pm ET/1am BST/10am AEST

Livestream by ETalk for the Press Conference and Premiere HERE.
Only the Press Conference HERE.

9/13/2015 [12:15 PM] 9/13/2015 [14:17]: Black Mass, Princess of Wales,Princess of Wales,Special Presentations,Scott Cooper,USA. Press & Industry.

9/14/2015 [12:00 - 13:00]: Press Conference: Black Mass,TIFF Bell Lightbox, HSBC Gallery. Private.

9/14/2015 [9:00 PM]  9/14/2015 [23:32]: Black Mass,Elgin/Winter Garden Theatres,Visa Screening Room (Elgin),Special Presentations,Scott Cooper,USA. Public.

9/15/2015 [2:45 PM] 9/15/2015 [17:17]: Black Mass,Princess of Wales,Princess of Wales,Special Presentations,Scott Cooper,USA. Public.

9/17/2015 [11:45 AM] 9/17/2015 [13:47]: Black Mass,Scotiabank Theatre,Scotiabank 12,Special Presentations,Scott Cooper,USA. Press & Industry.

9/18/2015 [10:00 PM] 9/19/2015 [0:32]: Black Mass,Princess of Wales,Princess of Wales,Special Presentations,Scott Cooper,USA. Public.

Dakota will attend with the rest of the cast. 


Monday, August 24, 2015

NEW BTS Picture of Dakota in "Chloe and Theo"

@chloetheomovie: BTS Didn't make it in the movie but Dakota was such a trooper and was covered in flour even her eyes! She's amazing.

NEW Instagram Picture of Dakota with her siblings

From Jesse's Instagram accout: "dgaf."

Saturday, August 22, 2015

NEW Video of Dakota with her Friend Blake

Its was taken at Melanie's house :)


Un vídeo publicado por Chase Cohl (@chasecohl) el

NEW Instagram Pictures of Dakota with Friends last night [August 21st, 2015]



"Two baby boos!!!!!!"
Dakota with Kane Ritchotte.