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New "How to be Single" Promotional Video for Thankgiving

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New Intagram Picture of Dakota posted by Chase Cohl

@chasecohl: "Dirty bird"

New Beautiful Instagram Picture posted by Dakota

@dakotajohnson: Italy, go see A Bigger Splash in theaters today! πŸ’¦

New "A Bigger Splash" Clip

Transcription by EDJ.

Penelope: I need a treasure. Throw your watch in.
Paul: I’m reading.
Penelope: I need a ship, come on. Throw a chair. 
Paul: No, I’m not gonna throw any chair, I’m sorry.
Clara: Hey Mr Paul, can you go to town for me?
Paul: Okay, Clara. Are you planning to take a look around the island? You gotta see it, it’s a beautiful place. 
Penelope: I wouldn’t know where to go. 
Paul: There’s a lake, it’s pretty close. There’s a lot of kids, music, it’s nice…you should go.
Penelope: Take me.

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Director Luca Guadagnino talks about "A Bigger Splash" and "Suspiria" Remake

Transcription by EDJ

At 6:10 about Suspiria - "Regarding Suspiria, yes, Diario Argento in 2007 perpetually sold the right for the remake of this movie. He did it with awareness and bliss, we've been really happy that he took this decision. Today finally the project bemomes reality, with my direction."

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HQ Pictures of Dakota at Robot Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan yesterday [November 21st, 2015]


Fan Pictures

@omgsamantha: Laters, baby@dakotajohnson

Director Luca Guadagnino talks about Dakota + Information about "Suspiria"

How did you choose the four protagonists of the film?
Lucas: [...] When it comes to Dakota, she came in later. I had picked another actress that unfortunately had to drop last minute, due to another movie production. I've seen many younf actresses, even more famous than her, then someona told me to check out the female lead of "Fifty Shades of Grey" - At the time, the movie wasn't out yet. She has such a great acting ability, one of those perfect faces for this industry, that you can't really frame at first. She also has a deep, wise conscience.

Future projects? We will have to wait many years to come?
Luca: I'll start shooting the remake of Suspiria, a real horror classic by Dario Argento, this august. It'll be set in Berlin '77, to be released in 2017. Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton will definitely be in it.


New Personal Picture of young Dakota posted by Mom Melanie

@melanie_griffith57: My Coqui... 11 years old, on our way to camp #goddessgirl 🌟

New Instagram Pictures of Dakota with her Friends today in Tokyo, Japan [November 21st, 2015]

@olivirararah: The best night ever ✨πŸŒ™ Tokyo, I'm yours

@chasecohl: Arguably the weirdest weekend getaway of my life.#lostintranslation πŸ’€

@blakeleeblake:Tokyo!!!!! Robots!!!!!#GoNinja

@blakeleeblake: It's that kind of night!

@harleyvnewton: πŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž

@blakeleeblake: When in Tokyo, we wear wigs?

@chasecohl: What happens in Tokyo... 😷❤️πŸ’‹✌🏼️πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

@chasecohl: Basically the point of today was mostly just waiting for it to be late enough to drink sake 🍻

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New Interview of Dakota with "Total Film" Magazine [January 2016]


Transcription by Us

Revealing different shades of Dakota Johnson

How did you approach Black Mass?
Dakota: This is the first actual real woman I've ever played, so there is an amount of information that is available to you to mould the character. And also if you're lucky enough to have physical footage, you can study mannerisms. Which is a bit different to creating something out of thin air.

Was there much you could find on Lyndsey?
Dakota: I gatheres as much as I could from the Internet and what Scott [Cooper] and I discussed. There were a few things I couldn't get because there wasn't anything that was written personally about [Whitey and Lindsey's] relationship. So it was hard to try and...It's always difficult when people are real. You want it to be accurate but at the same time you want it to fit into the story. It was our version, our telling of those characters.

How was it to work with Johnny Depp?
Dakota: He's just really a phenomenal actor and a truly gifted artist. And just the man.

The film is set in Boston. Were you familiar with the area?
Dakota: Well, I grew up in the mountains really. I was in Colorado. That's where I belong. I prefer the mountains! My childhood I spent outdoors riding horses. It's the most comfortable place for me. I grew up travelling. I grew up on sets. I gre up going to new places. And I like it all.

What is it that draws you to a character?
Dakota: It depends. Sometimes I just get excited and then I stick with it. I become obsessed with stories or events or people or personalities. Characters that are thought-provoking. I find it difficult to find a common theme in all of my characters. I haven't figured it out yet. My body of work isn't that substantial yet.

How did you decompress after Fifty Shades of Grey?
Dakota: I'm trying to think. It cames out in February. Where are we now? Wow - It feels life a lifetime ago. I feel like I've been five different people since then. What did I do afterwards? I was working. I kept going. The night that I hosted Saturday Night Live was the end of promoting the  movie...and then...I think I blacked it out. I went into an emotional void.

Your mother, Melanie Griffith, famously said she didn't want to se Fifty Shades. But do you talk to your parents about work?
Dakota: Sometimes. I keep separate but I want them to see Black Mass.

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New Interview of Dakota with DailyMail

Dakota Johnson told me about the time she tore a strip off Johnny Depp, directing a volley of expletives at the poor man that turned the air blue. Luckily for Depp, it was in a film. Johnson was getting ready to shoot a crucial moment in powerful film Black Mass, in which she portrays Lindsey Cyr, common-law wife of brutal South Boston (‘Southie’) gangster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, played by Depp. Director Scott Cooper knelt beside the 26-year-old actress and talked her through the scene.

She and Depp are in the waiting room of a hospital, where their young son is being treated for a grave illness. ‘He said: “You might be losing your baby. And your partner has turned on you, making it your fault! Just go!”’ she recalled. ‘I unleashed all the profanities I’d ever learned — and some I didn’t know I’d learned,’ she laughed. ‘Bulger comes in and out of her life, but her boy is her life. And I just imagined the rage that would ignite in a woman who was being blamed for her son’s illness.’

For me, that moment proved that Dakota will not be defined solely by the role of submissive Anastasia Steele, the character she plays (opposite Jamie Dornan) in sex and bondage saga Fifty Shades Of Grey, a big box-office hit earlier in the year. (She will begin filming the second part of the trilogy, Fifty Shades Darker, early next year.)

‘I don’t see myself being defined by anything,’ Johnson insists. ‘I’m constantly learning and ever evolving — I’m full of surprises. And I’ve got a few more tricks up my sleeve.’ One of them is that she will continue to take small but interesting roles, like the one in Black Mass, so she can work with and learn from people like Depp and co-stars Joel Edgerton and Benedict Cumberbatch. Her character in Black Mass is also surprisingly unglamorous.

‘Lindsey was young, but somehow she’s so old, and so weary. I think she gave up everything for Bulger and for their baby. ‘It was pretty common for a woman in Southie to meet a man, have a baby, and give up her job because the father would provide. ‘But I would imagine, if you knew that your husband was involved in organised crime, there would be a part of you that would be wondering if he would ever walk through the door again.’ 

It’s all a world away from Dakota’s own life. Her parents are actors Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. Her stepfather is Antonio Banderas. And her grandmother is Hitchcock heroine Tippi Hedren — who runs a wildlife sanctuary full of lions and tigers.

‘I was brought up in an environment where I was exposed to things that were exciting and colourful — and sometimes dark and scary,’ she tells me. ‘My family is never dull,’ she adds, drily. Her grandmother keeps lions and tigers in a sanctuary on the West Coast. Dakota loved growing up around those wild beasts, an experience she has found useful. ‘Yes, it’s true that there are big cats in Hollywood to be aware of, too,’ she says, noting that she can take care of herself. If she wants to get away from big beasts and everything else, she’ll visit an art gallery or, if she has more time, take herself off to her mother’s cabin, high on a mountain in Colorado, accompanied by her dog Zeppelin. ‘It’s where I grew up, and where I’m at peace. It’s a place that’s way removed from everything, and I come back into my body then.’ 

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HQ Pictures of Dakota at the opening event for the Michael Kors Ginza Flagship Store today in Tokyo, Japan [November 20th, 2015]

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HQ Pictures of Dakota at LAX yesterday [November 19th, 2015]