Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trainer Ramona Braganza talks about Dakota and Jamie's training during "Fifty Shades Darker/Freed" Filming


Scans and Translated by @FiftyShadesAS

There is not one gramm of fat on Dakota's and Jamie's bodies. How did you get them so fit?

Ramona: It eas their discipline and my 3-2-1 work out. Dakota already started one month before the shooting began and she exercised 6 times a week with me while shooting - mostly during lunch break. I tortured Jamie in the morning, often around 4am, with my work out methods.

Please be honest, are celebrities also unmotivated sometimes?

Ramona: Of course, celebrities are also only human. Two lazy days are ok, but after that you have to get back on track. Fortunately, Dakota almost always enjoyed my sweat-inducing works outs, but of course, sometimes she was just tired. As a motivation she then brought her assistant to the training -it's always more fun to work out by twos.

What exactly was part of her diet plan?

Ramona: Rule number one: a lot of water! For breakfast she mostly had 2 hard boiled eggs with half an avocado or a grapefruit. For lunch, chicken with a salad and for dinner fish with sauteed vegetables. As a snack she was allowed a handful of almonds, a protein bar or a bit of Papaya because these don't have as much fructose as other fruits. Absolute tabu were alcohol, candy and pasta.

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