Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Interview + Photoshoot of Dakota and Jamie for "Joy" Magazine {Czech Republic - February 2017}




Quotes translated by @WorldOfDakota.

Dakota's part: 

"In this tale, they love eachother more than anything and will do what is necessary to protect their love." 

"Their relationship has moved a few steps forward, and I hope it will be interesting for the audience." 

"I like the whole development. She becomes a strong woman who is not afraid to set her own rules. But also looks gentle." 

"On sadism: For the actor, it's definitely a lot of maintenance to grapple with, so that it makes sense, and it worked credible." 

"In the second part we will be exposed to Christian's childhood that was full of abuse and neglect while also explaining his trust issues and inability to cope with abandonment."

"I'm mostly trying to find humor in the conventional things that are not actually funny. That's me, Dakota Johnson."

"I think it's important to laugh. I have found that serious people are also pretty boring."

"During filming, I was really oversaturated with sex. Simulating some positions was difficult and inconvenient."

"Mom thinks we're (with Jamie) so lucky because otherwise it would be a nightmare to spend so much time with someone you don't like. I became great friends with Jamie. Thank God."

"Jamie has a certain kind of serenity that is for him and for his role very natural. And then he's also very smart and funny."

"It was difficult. We have endeavored to be realistic, not boring or repeating. Filming can be hard not only physically but also mentally. In some moments I was obviously oversaturated. When you're shooting certain "uncomfortable" positions for 7 hours, you are fed up."

"The core of the film is not about sex, but about the beautiful, timeless love story, which I think is very strong. Anyway, I also think that people are hidden in a natural curiosity in regards to sex and romantic infatuation."

"My parents saw the movie. I think that neither of them has seen the sex scenes."

"Stories are created in order to move people. And if we manage to draw the attention to the stronger figures of women, it will amazing."

"I'm just doing what I really love, and the fact that it may have some positive effect on other people is really an incredible honor."

"I could say I became obsessed with acting in some way, but if it should be movies that are going to fulfill my life, I still do not know."

"I used to love tattoos, but now that I have to cover them up, they're so annoying!"

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