Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jamie Dornan mentions Dakota in a new Interview with Glamour Spain


Translated by Us

Glamour: Let's talk about your relationship with Dakota. Is there still complicity between you?

Jamie: Of course! With any actor you work with you must create a relationship of trust and in this case, the material and the scenarios in which we were involved demanded that complicity. Dakota and I respect each other a lot, we are friends, and we found in humor a form of relief from tension, of discharge, that is important when it comes to shooting complicated scenes. Without the trust that exists between us, we would be screwed.

Glamour: Was there some scene more uncomfortable to shoot than another, some that you said you did not want to do?

Jamie: Dakota and I understood each other very well and we knew at all times how far we could go. And the director, too. We were all on the same side, and like any job, if something did not seem right, we say it.

Scan thanks to @FiftyShadesAS.

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