Tuesday, August 28, 2018

New Photoshoot of Dakota and "Suspiria" Cast in Vanity Fair Italia [September 2018]



Dakota's Interview
Translated by Us
What has left you an experience like Suspiria?
Dakota: Immediately after the shoot, I needed a little breath to be able to reintegrate into my life. We were shooting in a location so far from reality and so isolated that it was easy to be overwhelmed. In addition, addressing difficult issues such as witchcraft, death and post-war Germany may have done some work on myself to regain balance, I had the strange feeling of "what happened?". I felt like I was in a confused dream. Luca constantly kept me out of things I did not think I could do. For example: while working with the choreographer Damien Jalet on one of my Susie's dances, we found that my shoulders are very articulated, and the shoulder blades look really scary in certain positions, a bit like those of a wild cat. We filmed them and they appear every so often in the film.

Who are the witches nowadays?
Dakota: Those who have a close relationship with their own femininity, with intuition and with the unknown, and can approach places and people without judging but with compassion may perhaps be considered more witch than those who are emotionally detached from the world.

If you had not made your debut at age 9 and had not been the daughter of actors, do you think cinema would have had such a profound impact on your life?
Dakota: I would like to believe that, regardless of birth and education, I would have found the right path for art and cinema anyway. It is not only in blood, but in the soul.

Behind The Scene Video


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