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HQ Scans and Outtakes of Dakota, Melanie & Stella for "Vanity Fair" Spain [2008]

Updated: 14 Outtakes.



Translated by Us.
Only Dakota's parts

Dakota came a few hours before accompanied with Zeppelin, a crossing schnauzer which she just adopted three days ago. "Sorry for the delay. --she apologizes-- I had to bring him with me."

However, Dakota has chosen to follow the footsteps of her mother, an entire Hollywood celebrity. "I don't think at all to be or not famous. I just understand it's a consequence of some of the things I've chosen to do professionally. I love the theater, interpretation, act...and I know that if I get to work it will involve visibility. In fact, fame does not bother me at all."

"Success is doing what you love and be happy with yourself. It has nothing to do with going places, meet people and have a good job. It is all about to feel good with whatever you've decided to do in life."

"She's beautiful." says his mother excited while is watching her daughter as she poses. "But she is also beautiful here." And she puts her hands to the heart. Finished picture. Mother and daughter embrace each other and Melanie whispers; "You're pretty, pretty, pretty."

"My mather is a nice, smart, wise, sexy woman...She's my best friend and an extraordinary human being. Sometimes I liken it to her. I look myself and I see that I look like her. Or I see myself doing the things she does. At the end of the day it's normal. She's my mother! and I am very lucky. "

"Stella and I are very close." Dakota explains "Although we are very different. She is very good at school, excellent at solving problems. She's really smart and bright in the analysis of reality. I think we both have the same intellectual capacities, although we use them differently. Sometimes I very interested in a topic and I roll in learn everything about it but then I just realize that she already knows. Stella is incredible. I got home from school and I was surrounded by all kinds of disorder and she arrives, she sits, she does her homework and otherwise."

"My mother is the most beautiful woman in the world." exclaims Dakota.

"I don't want to be like my mother or otherwise. I don't think about it. I just try to do my thing, I do what makes me happy and with that I may go my own way."

"I fell in love for the first time very soon and I don't really need to marry a lot of time to understand what love is."

About Melanie and Antonio "They are perfect. They are happy. They're in love and still behave to each other as if they had known for the first time."

How you define Antonio?
Dakota: "As an incredible man and a wise, smart and wonderful human."
And as a father?
Dakota: "Yes, definitely. Antonio has been like a father to me. He knows me since I was five years old and he has always known how to be there."
How has it been for you to live with him, adapt to him?
Dakota: "Antonio is, above all, very fun. She has a very special sense of humor." A stepfather who has given him a new inheritance, Spain, which Dakota defined as "home away from home."

Both have voted for Barack Obama in the last election. "He's a brave man, and a beautiful person," Dakota explains. "What he is trying to do and What I think he will do is the best I've seen in a while."

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