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New Interview + Photoshoot of Dakota and Jamie in "Paris Match" {January 2017}



Translated by dakotajfans.

The first film was made of sex, humor and domination. In this one, Anastasia seems to take the power over Christian. 

Dakota Johnson: Given the end of the first film, it's important that she take control of their story. If Christian wants to be with her now, it is according to her conditions. But of course their relationship will evolve. Anastasia will not necessarily compromise, but she will make sacrifices for him. Just like him.

Is it a love story or a fight between two ego? 

Jamie Dornan: Of love! This is the essence of both the film and the novel. "Fifty Shades" is not an ego battle but the story of two people looking for the best way to love each other. The films do justice to the books, they remain close enough to their content.

These two roles require you to have real sexual intimacy. For this to be possible, do you have to be friends in life? 

DJ: We have a very special relationship. I'm close to Jamie's wife, their children, she's a great person to me. There are many franchises in Hollywood, but in my opinion this is the only one where the actors have developed a true friendship. As we are both here every day, the opposite would have complicated the case...

Do you maintain this friendship outside the set? 

JD: Not necessarily. When you work, it's thirteen hours a day. So we have time to really get to know each other! [He laughs.] It creates links, memories. Many people may think that this is just cinema, but this friendship is born quite easily. We had the same approach to our roles, we were also able to laugh, especially after very intense scenes ... We are now deeply connected. Success, we lived together, trials also.

You were in Nice for the shooting of the film at the time of the terrorist attack. 

JD: I was there with my family, the team was in Monaco. We were asleep when the attack took place, because my children were asleep when the attack took place, because my children are still young and we went to bed early. During the night I received many calls to know if we were safe.

DJ: Me, I was still awake. I waited as late as possible to see if the whole team was alright. The information arrived in the dropper ... It was a terrible and painful event. We would have liked to stay to help France. And especially not to shock the people passing by for a great Hollywood team, only there to work. As a young American, I had never lived so close to terrorism. I spent hours watching TV, reading newspapers.

The next day, how could one resume as if nothing were his costume of Mr. Grey and Ms. Steele? 

DJ: But something happened. We asked all French people working in our team if we had to stop filming, out of respect. They all asked us to continue, to go back to work so they would not get into the game of terrorists.

More of this interview can be found in Paris Match No. 3530

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