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New "Bad Times At The El Royale" Promotional Still


New Interview of Dakota with WP Film

Yola Czaderska-Hayek: I have to admit that, despite the title of the movie "Bad Times At The El Royale," a lot of good is happening on the screen. What is your merit as well. How did it happen that you took part in this production?

Dakota: I was amazed by the script. On the one hand, it's a very complicated story with lots of threads, and on the other, the narrative is so clear all the time that you can not get lost in it all. I remember reading the text constantly and thinking: how intelligent it is. I was afraid that with so many characters it would be necessary to go back several pages a few times, not to forget who is who, and meanwhile Drew [Goddard, director and author of the script] thought about everything. After reading, I was impressed not only by the text but also by its creator. I really wanted to meet this man, if only out of curiosity. I was fascinated by the fact that for him "Bad times At the El Royale" is not just another film to make, but a unique project in which he got involved. He gave literally everything of himself. Maybe I should not have said that, but I have never really seen someone who approached his work with such passion. The last day on the set he had tears in his eyes. By the way, I am grateful to him for changing my attitude to rehearsals with the script. I have not liked them so much, and it turned out that Drew loves them. For him, this is the basis for the preparation for the film. Thanks to him, I became convinced that these attempts really made sense and even I like them. It's a real pleasure to work with someone who loves to make movies.

My guess is that as a girl from an acting family, you spent a lot of time in hotels like El Royale.

Dakota: Oh yes! Actually, I spent my entire childhood in hotels. Together with my brother, we traveled with our parents from plane to plane. As soon as we appeared in a new place, we immediately set off to explore. We were discovering all the possible nooks, as if we were moving into a new home. In a sense, the hotel was our home. We liked our rooms the least because they reminded us of the school. We had private teachers, so sitting in the room was mainly about learning or doing homework. The fun began in the corridor, right on the doorstep. We loved these trips to hotels, I have millions of beautiful memories from them.

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New "Bad Times At The El Royale" Behind The Scene Pictures


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Dakota on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" today [October 11th, 2018]

HQ Pictures of Dakota outside Jimmy Kimmel Live! today [October 11th, 2018]

HQ Pictures of Dakota arrving to Jimmy Kimmel Live! today [October 11th, 2018]

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Dakota on "The Ellen Show" [October 11th, 2018]

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