Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Interview + Outtake of Dakota in DOT Magazine {Germany}


Interview translated by us.

At the end of the first film, Anastasia Steele leaves Christian Grey and takes control of her life. What will happen to them in Fifty Shades Darker?

Dakota: Now she becomes aware of her feelings for Christian - and she shows  herself very strong admitting and living those feelings. The two of them decide to resume the relationship, and in that time, Anastasia discovers more about her own sexuality, her body and her desires in an honest and beautiful way.

What do you like the most about Anastasia?

Dakota: I was interested in the sexual and emotional development of a young woman, of course. But what really fascinates me is the power and simplicity which Anastasia explores her sexuality - and how self-confident she is.

Christian Grey is a very complex character - playing Christian should be an exciting experience, too.

Dakota: Definitely. To play someone who is sadistic and has a sexual fetish is a complex and fascinating task. In the second film, we discovered what really happened in Christian's past, especially in his childhood. We have learned a lot about abuse, rejection and the cause of his problems in trusting other people. However, he is softer and more emotional, he opens up more and turns out to be a very funny man.

In the sequence, many new characters are introduced. One of them is Elena Lincoln, who played a major role in Christian's past and is played by Kim Basinger. What was it like working with her?

Dakota: Working with her was pure joy. When I watched 'Nine and Half Weeks' for the first time, my world turned upside down - ever since, I've really admired Kim Basinger and her work. She is simply very talented and fascinating. In my narcissistic dreams, our collaboration together is sort of an initiation ritual, so it's an honor for me. I am aware, of course, that neither I nor anyone else in this world is as sexy as Kim in "Nine and Half Weeks", but I see no problem in that.

What role does humor play in the film?

Dakota: I have a tendency to find humor in all things, indeed, even in completely unpleasant situations - which has helped me a lot to deal better with certain things. It was similar while we were shooting "Fifty Shades Darker". I hope that the humor in the second book of the trilogy can also be seen and felt on the big screen, and that it gives the audience a "pause to breathe" - after all, the material in the film is intense and also fantastic, which is shown.

Do you think it's important to have humor and not take yourself too seriously?

Dakota: Yes, because I think serious people are really tedious.

The books {Fifty Shades Trilogy} are a worldwide success. How did you get back to the role of Anastasia Steele?

Dakota: In the first film, the pressure to bring the story that so many love to the big screen has been immense. Expectations were high and it was intimidating. I'm not saying it was too easy for me, but it was definitely more family friendly. I had never done sequels before, or I had never to come back to a character from a movie or to the same production team. Jamie and I already knew each other and we were already familiar with each other - it made things so much easier.

The chemistry between you and Jamie Dornan obviously fit into the first film.
Dakota: Anyway. Jamie has a depth and calmness in himself, but he is also intelligent and funny at the same time. These are qualities that I think are decisive to play Christian Grey. We became good friends during the filming of the first movie, and I'm very happy we get on so well. If it hand't been that way, the filming would certainly have been a nightmare. We shot [the sequences] for six months, and most of the scenes in the movie were between Christian and Ana. That's a long time with each other.

How did you shoot the intense scenes of sadomasochism?
Dakota: The amount of sex scenes we had to shoot for the movie was pretty intimidating. We tried to carry it all with lightness, but we still ensuring that everything was as realistic and intense as possible. Shooting such scenes can be challenging both emotionally and physically.

Anastasia has matured and become a self-confident woman. This is an adjective found in many of today's female characters. Are you proud to encorparate this young, free woman?
Dakota: I believe it's the most important aspect of contemporary cinema. We need to show more self-confident, determined women in movies, who get up and move. This is very important at the moment, with the current political and social changes.

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