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New Interview of Dakota & Jamie with "Preview" Magazine {Netherlands}


Interview translated by us.

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele are back in the second film of Fifty Shades of Grey: Fifty Shades Darker. The actors who play these characters, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, tell how it was return to set.

1. What was it like to go back to work?

Dakota Johnson:
I loved it. For me, it was the first time I returned to a project; I've never been part of a saga or franchise before. It was so wonderful to review all the familiar faces on the first day. Not only the actors, but also the production team. It resembled a summer camp, those who in a year's time will all meet again.

2. Has your life changed after the movie?

Jamie Dornan:
Absolutely. Although my life really changed in that period. My eldest daughter was born three days before we start shooting the first film and my youngest daughter, two weeks before the filming of the second [and third]. In all ways, it has already had an impact on my life, and then I get in sync with all the craziness around the movie.

3. How do fans react when they see you?

Dakota: Occasionally, someone calls you something strange, but that is to be expected...

Jamie: Dakota lives in LA, where people don't react so much when they see a celebrity. You're used to it. This is different elsewhere. In Ireland, I can tell when they recognize me. What I think is crazy iawhen they don't  differentiate me from the character. They ask me for an autograph and I sign it with my own name, so they say, 'Thank you, Grey.'

4. The actors often say that sex scenes are not so exciting in terms of technicality. Do you think the same?

Dakota: What I found especially challenging at the beginning: how to make them different? There are so many sex scenes. The last thing you want is to be boring. So you have to be always creative.

5. Do you go to set feeling different when you know you have a sex scene to shoot that day?

Jamie: Fortunately, they try to group as many scenes as possible. So you have a bizarre week where you try to shoot as much as possible. The weeks of the Red Room, as I like to call it, with more explicit parts, only really needed people are on set.

6. That sounds pretty intense.

Dakota: In those weeks, yes, but at the same time we shoot lighter scenes. Sometimes there are some loose scenes between them.

7. Do you feel different going back to a role you've done before?

Jamie: Certainly. However, you know the character, so it is more than a feeling. I think it's nice that Christian has changed. In this movie and the next one, I think he's better than in the first. Before met Ana, he was determined to just live his life the way he wanted to. But now, he is completely in love with this woman and he recognizes that he needs to do something to maintain their relationship. I think it's great for him to go after what he wants.

8. In the first scenes released from Fifty Shades Darker, we saw an Anastasia bluntly.

Dakota: It's an evolution in every aspect of  her life. She is stronger, more confident and shows much more assertiveness. I think this is cool. She has to tolerate various situations and hear people talking things to her, but Ana still finds a way to protect herself and her love for Christian.

9. We also find out more about Christian's past. Were you still surprised in this environment?

Jamie: No, because I know the books and we don't differ from what's there. And rightly so, I guess.

10. Does the film become less exciting to anyone who has ever read the books?

Jamie: That's the story the fans love. That's what they want to see, so that's what they are going to have.

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