Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Jamie Dornan talks about working with Dakota with Metro Moscow


There are even more sex scenes in the second movie than in the first one. Was it more easy to work with Dakota Johnson, taking into account that experience you had during the first part?

Jamie: Definitely it was more easy. Less pressure, more relaxed afmosphere. We understood each other at a glance and worked in the atmosphere of trust. We often joked. We became true friends!


Jamie: You know, the more intense material - the more place for jokes. Humor is the main helper to the actor on the set, it helps to relaz and to play any scene. The laughter, it is si contagious. We had to do a take after a take because we just couldnt stop laughing. I remember, once we filmed a scene with Dakota where we had to look serious on the screen. But she has just smiled...and all, I can't help myself and start to laugh. And we should reshoot it again. And so over and over again.

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