Friday, January 27, 2017

Director James Foley and Jamie Dornan talk about Dakota in Best Movie Magazine {Italy}


Director James Foley:

Translated by EDJ:

"Fifty Shades Darker is a psychological drama with a strong erotic tension & elements inclined to destroy the couple creating some sort of thriller. 

Shooting a love scene is very personal, it’s about the director’s taste, because everyone has its own. I took the cue from my personal experience & fantasies. For every scene, I had prepared storyboard, to see if the scenes looked sexy. Thankfully, once the movie was completed, we’ve tasted it on some people – especially women - and the reaction was positive.

I’ve tried to inspired myself with the movies that I consider the most sensual, like Last Tango in Paris and Don't Look Now. And then I’ve tried to share my view with the actors. The toughest scene & the one I’m mostly proud of, is in Christian’s Red Room. It wasn’t easy to put Jamie & Dakota in the right state of mind to fake the intimacy of such a wild love scene in front of the crew."

Jamie Dornan

Translated by us:

The director of the first film, Sam Taylor-Johnson, did not return to direct the sequel. Has this change had an impact on your work?

Jamie: The change has brought a whole new energy. We've been lucky; If we had taken the wrong director, I do not know what would have happened, because Dakota and I really attached to Sam Taylor-Johnson. James Foley is a very different person, but he worked endlessly. The first film was a success, he wanted to honor what had been done. And anyway, it's never easy when you get into a boat that's already gone without you. Jimmy is a great pro, his work on House of Cards was exceptional.

How important was the chemistry with Dakota for this movie?

Jamie: Quite important. The chemistry between the actors is very important for any movie, but for Fifty Shades is the key, and Dakota and I needed to have the capacity to click with one another instantly. Luckily, we’ve found each other because I am the only one who knows what she has been through and she knows exactly what I have been through. Between us there is a mutual respect, we are good friends. On set, we often made jokes, something that is really essential when we were dealing with an intense material like this one. The story gets us into some uncomfortable places, especially for her, who is often in vulnerable situations and she's naked; In those moments, humor helps a lot.

In 2015, E. L. James published a fourth book of the saga: Grey. Is there any chance we'll see you in a movie after the trilogy? 

Jamie: Dakota and I signed for three movies that we have already done, so our contract is over. Unless they decide to make another movie, we're done.

Source: DJBr.

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