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New Pictures of Dakota today in Milan [September 27th, 2015]

@callmesarah_: Me and Dakota Johnson in Milan.
To be honest I was there, from Rome, just because of @indiaspalvieri, who is a huge fan of her, but Dakota was really sweet and kind with me too. I didn't ask anything cause it wasn't my moment I was there just to support India, indeed I let her go first, and Dakota after taking a picture with her said to me "Do you want a picture too?" and obviously I replied yes. I need to say that she was one of the kindest actresses I've ever met, she could have say that she was in late or simply ignore me, but she didn't, I really appreciate that 😊 #dakotajohnson#mfw15 #milan #fashionweek

@indiaspalvieri: It was really nice to meet again Dakota. She's one of the cutest woman I've ever met, so sweet and polite with everyone. Her simplicity and sense of humor, always brings joy to everyone. She's also an inspiration about many things, style, behavior, acting, attitude... 😌 I hope everyone can see her for what she really is: a very beautiful person inside and out 💋💋#tiredbutdelightedface

@iesudm: I ran into this incredible actress and such a great person.
My very first photograph with a star and so glad she accepted with a warm smile and great attitude towards her fans! Thank you so much miss#dakotajohnson @dakotajohnson.

@mario_hvega: Unexpected Encounter ... Thanks @dakotajohnson for the picture.

@rauhllty: I'm glad I got to see Dakota Johnson today! She's a beauty

New Instagram Picture of Dakota with Naomi Campbell today [September 27th, 2015]

@iamnaomicampbell#homeweethome flew back with the sweetest@dakotajohnson #girltime 😘🌹🌹💃💃🍏

amfAR Milano 2015 Portraits


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New Instagram Picture of Dakota with Rebel Wilson

@rebelwilsonWhen is it Valentine's Day already? x

Don Johnson mentions Dakota at a Q&A + on "Kelly & Michael"

Q&A Today

Transcription by EDJ:

Don on his reaction when he found out Dakota wanted to be an actress: "Shoched. Because she had never studied, she had bever been in a play, she had never, to know my knowledge, she...I didn't even know she ws paying attention when she was on the set with me or her maom or her mom and I when we were working together and so I thought she was a prankster. She was just playing big pranks on everybody and, you know, she's always been puckish like that. We have a rule in my family and the rule is, is that, as long as you go to school I pay. You're on the payroll, I cover everything and when you stpo going to school, you pay. It's a good rule, yeah, cuz you get really smart kinds or you get gainfully employed kids."

Don Johnson on his kids: "They're all pretty mych self-sufficient and yeah, you know I help them out here and there and stuff like that but Dakota in her last year of, whenever you're supposed to look for colleges, I think it's the end of junior year or something like that. I went to her and I said, 'So, do you wanna go and look at some colleges somewhere? Maybe think about where you wanna go,' and she said, 'Oh no, I'm not going. I'm not going to college, no way,' 'Oh really? Good for me but how are you going to live?' she said, 'Don't you worry about it, I'm gonna be an actress, of course.'

She [Dakota] said, 'Don't worry about it, I'm gonna look after myself,' and so sure enough, three months later, she got a David Fincher movie "The social Nerwork", and then she got another movie and then she got another one, and then she got a television series and then she got "Fifty Shades of Grey", the she did "Black Mass" and the she...I mean, now she won't even return my calls."

"Live! With Kelly and Michael" 
At 3:40

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New Video of Dakota reading "Bad Blood" by Taylor Swift with her Boston Accent for MTV News

At TIFF 2015

Black Mass star Dakota Johnson Gives A Wicked Taylor Swift ‘Bad Blood’ reading.
Posted by MTV News on Monday, 21 September 2015

New Instagram Pictures of Dakota in Milan today [September 23rd, 2015]


@chasecohl: Gucci (wo)Mane 🇮🇹❤️👭

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Dakota at the Gucci SS16 Fashion Show at the Milan Fashion Week today [September 23rd, 2015]

New/Old Fan Picture of Dakota in Venice [September 4th, 2015]

Scan of "Black Mass" in ELLE Magazine + New Still


"One of the strengths of his ensemble drama is how vividly some of the wome of Bulger's life are portrayed: Dakota Johnson plays Bulger's steady girlfriend, and when and unforenseen tragedy destroyed theur relationship and she stands up to his bullying , Johnson impressively marches Depp's intensity."


Thanks to @FannyNoSe

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Pictures of Dakota during a Q&A of "Black Mass" yesterday [September 19th, 2015]

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Don talks about Dakota with Parade

How Does Don Johnson Feel About Daughter Dakota's Acting Career? 

When daughter Dakota (Fifty Shades of Grey) told you she wanted to be an actress, were you a proud papa or a nervous one? 
Don: I learned a long time ago that your children have their own journey, separate from yours, and even though you want to live their lives for them, you can’t. So, I tell them—to quote Joseph Campbell—‘Follow your bliss,’ and I don’t care what it is. It’s about their happiness.

Dakota at the "Black Mass" Academy Screening in Los Angeles yesterday [September 19th, 2015]

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Un vídeo publicado por Madelyn V (@madelynsaintclaire) el

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