Saturday, September 8, 2018

New Interview of Dakota with Sorrisi [Italy]

"I have discovered that my body is capable of doing things that I did not believe could do." Said by the protagonist of the erotic trilogy of the "Fifty Shades", the phrase can sound mischievous. But Dakota Johnson pronounces it almost candor. It refers to the dance scenes that abound in "Suspiria", the horror film directed by Luca Guadagnino and in competition at the Venice Film Festival, set in a ballet school in the Berlin of the 70s.

It was really so shocking ... dancing?
Dakota: I had studied dance before, but I'm not a professional. I had to train and try with real dancers and Guadagnino encouraged me to push myself to the limit of my skills. When he found out I could lift the shoulder blades from the back in an almost animal-like way, like wings, he was enthusiastic...and I was too.

Dakota: Suspiria is a very physical film. Not sexy, but physical. Dance is energy, a way to express oneself and to free oneself, even to obtain power ».

Did you play all the dance scenes by yourself?
Dakota: It's me at 90%. For the remaining 10, where we had to unleash the "wow factor" (a moment of amazement of the public, Ed) with an extremely complicated passage, there was a stunt.

First Fifty, then two "author" films with Guadagnino, "A bigger splash" and now "Suspiria". Are you not afraid of confusing your audience?
Dakota: I do what I like and I hope they like it too. The funny thing is that people feel embarrassed to talk about sex movies. Instead this is about witches and blood and torture does not embarrass anyone...funny no? Sometimes I have to face prejudices like "She did Fifty Shades, what is she doing in the festivals?". But I do not care. If someone does not like my acting, feel absolutely free not to watch my films.

How does it feel among the witches?
Dakota: Very well! It makes me feel good ("It feels right"). Those in the film are strong women who struggle for power and express themselves, just like men. But also Anastasia, the protagonist of Fifty Shades, in her way is a strong woman. Or perhaps I exaggerate, because many tell me that men are afraid of me (laughs).

She is the daughter of Melanie Griffith and the granddaughter of Tippi Hedren, who was already shooting copyright horror with Hitchcock...
Dakota: I learned a lot from them, but they never gave me so much advice. And certainly not for this film. But mom always encouraged me to love me and love my body. Even in difficult times.

Two films with Luca Guadagnino. Is there a reason?
Dakota: I feel like family with him. We understand each other immediately, everything is easy. It's like my favorite dish: every now and then I have to go back to eating it.

From "Fifty Shades" onwards she is a celebrity, and she is not yet 30 years old. Too much pressure?
Dakota: I defend myself trying to protect my privacy.

She has raised a bit of amazement by admitting candidly that she went to the psychologist after shooting this film.
Dakota: Yes and then? I did not mean to say I was crazy. Or that ruined me...I always talk about the things that excite me with my therapist, to get to know me better and to talk deeply about what is important to me.

Was not it enough to talk about it with friends?
Dakota: My friends are nice but they're all idiots (laughs).

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