Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Interview of Dakota with GMA News Online

Most of the quotes were already posted in La Stampa and People South Africa Interview

On what they discovered about each other:

JD: She tries to hide it, but she has a snort laugh. But when she is really tickled, she snorts. Aggressively, and then she can’t stop snorting.

DJ: Jamie does a thing when he's eating. He'll sometimes store food in the side of his mouth and tell a story. But it'll be quite a long story so he just has this ball of food in the side of his mouth for like way too long.

On what people don’t know about them:

JD: I am obsessed with sports. I wanted to play rugby when I was a kid. But I am obsessed with golf. I played golf this morning before I came here, just to try to calm my mind. But it had the opposite effect. I played terribly.

DJ: I would love to marry someone who is supportive and respectful of my job equally as he is of his.

On reactions they get playing these roles:

JD: Well our oldest daughter starts big school in September, so I will be able to give you a far better answer then. But even at Nursery, I am aware of that a little bit and that is the giggly aspect of it. I giggle too. I just find it funny too. Part of me can’t really believe that I did these films. I still have this element going why did they make movies out of those books? But they did and I am in them.

DJ: People have thanked me for helping them feel sexually liberated and I don't think that that's something to thank me for. That's definitely something for Erica, for E.L. James. I was just a conduit. I was just a vessel.

On what Dakota discovered after playing Anastasia:

I've discovered that protecting my privacy is probably the most important job I'll ever have in my life.

On questions Dakota asked the “kink advisor”:

I asked everything: How to start doing this is probably the first one. I wanted to know as much as I possibly could. I do my research when I work so it was anything really but Jamie spent more time with him because Anastasia doesn't. My character doesn't really have knowledge about this genre of sex prior to meeting him so.

On conversations Dakota had with her mother, Melanie Griffith and grandmother, Tippi Hedren about working in Hollywood:

I've spoken about this with my grandmother a lot because she experienced Alfred Hitchcock and that was a terrible thing that she went through. It applies to every single problem that women are talking about now when this happened in the '50s. I was trying to remember exactly what year but it's been happening forever. Yes, we have conversations about it at home but it's not necessarily a great easy thing to talk about. It's difficult. It's hard to think about my grandmother going through this so if I can do something to make a change for younger generations, for future actresses whether they come from me or not, then I will definitely try to do that.

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