Thursday, October 11, 2018

HQ Pictures of Dakota outside Jimmy Kimmel Live! today [October 11th, 2018]


Fan Pictures



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  1. Hello can i just let everyone know that dakota johnson wears a wig i know you might think so what but for those who think why cant i get my hair as long as hers well you dont have to worry yours is real and hers is just an expensive human hair wig she has worn wigs since i saw the film 21 jump street and it could be before that time

  2. Just out of curiosity did you put the wig on her yourself? If not then you should read this blog in its entirety and then you would believe as I do that she is all natural and artificial nothing. Its one thing to wear wigs for the movies she's in but out and about in public Dakota isn't covering anything up. She could be bald and she would be beautiful. Read her Hair Stylist's comments and see the pictures. Mark Townsend is and should be proud of his work. That's why he shows off picures of his amazing work.

  3. Captivated by Dakota Johnson:

    The only thing I will say that Dakota does frequently to her hair is color it. She's naturally a blond though. I have to admit she looks fantastic with darker hair. Those blue eyes really stand out even more! She admits to coloring her hair when she's getting over something or needs a change in her life.