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New Interview of Dakota in F Magazine Italy [October 31st, 2018]


Translated by Us

Your appeal has caused quite a stir. Have you ever been abused?

Dakota: Luckily, I've never been bothered, on and off the set. I grew up in this environment and I soon learned how to avoid uncomfortable situations. Even though my mum Melanie feared for me at the beginning of my career, I always got away with it. Unfortunately, other actresses have not been so lucky.

In her latest film Bad Times At The El Royale, just presented at the Rome Film Festival, you are one of the mysterious characters who meet up at a hotel: a strong woman with a gun in her hand. Does that describe her?

Dakota: It's a crossover between The Bride/Beatrix from Kill Bill and a fool of Sin City. My Emily is a bit androfina, and she speaks little: to communicate she uses more eyes and actions. It reminded me of Steve McQueen, who is one of my absolute idols. In addition to my father of course!

What did you learn from all the characters you have played?

Dakota: I feel I have grown up and understood a lot about the world of women. Many still make war. They are convinced that they have to compete for a man, a job or simply to be the best. It is an old-fashioned idea that we must abandon. On the set of Suspiria we were about forty of every age and origin and we collaborated beautifully: we were all so happy to be together! Here, I would like to relive that atmosphere of joy. I would like to make films with many women and be directed by a director. I think it's imposing to work on parity. There is still so much to do.

It is not a theme to be underestimated in Donald Trump's America.

Dakota: Do not talk about it. While we were shooting Suspiria, Trump was elected. The day after the elections Tilda (Swinton, co-star of the film, ed) and I met on the set and we cried together. It was a really bizarre moment, to be in such a remote place, in an abandoned hotel on the top of a mountain while our families were at home. I thought: How is this possible? How can I feel so alive and dead at the same time? Madness. That's why I think it's important that movies give messages to the world, while they make you escape from the routine.

You said that as a daughter of two actors always busy on sets you grew up in hotels.

Dakota: True. My brother Alenxander and I (son of Melanie's second marriage with Steven Bauer) had fun exploring every corner of the hotels where we spent our afternoons. In those anonymous rooms we also did school.

Did you always want to be an actress?

Dakota: From what I remember, yes. I grew up, as well as in hotels as I said before, on film sets: it's my world, I do not know where else to stay, nor what to do, if not this.

In January we will see you in Suspiria by Luca Guadagnino. We know that you have a special relationship with the director. How long have you known each other?

Dakota: Four years. The Suspiria set was an unforgettable experience. I love Luca. He is my creative alter ego. I learned a lot from him.

The film was shot mostly in Italy. How was it found?

Dakota: Very well! I've spent so much time there that I finally do not feel like a tourist anymore. I experienced culture on a more intimate level, in a family, starting from Luca's, a real fortune. The next step is to learn Italian, baby.

What do you like about our country?

Dakota: The surprise effect that always catches you unprepared. Whether you're working on a set or having fun with friends at dinner, something always happens that makes you feel alive. And then I love the passion that you Italians put into everything. Even in arguing, you are so full of energy.

Can you anticipate something about the new ideas that are in your mind?

Dakota: I would like to work on my projects and act in films directed and written by me. But for now it's just a dream in the drawer. We'll see if it will happen.

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