Tuesday, January 30, 2018

New Interview + Picture of Dakota in Best Movie Italia [February 2018 Issue]



Translated by @DakotaJohnsonEN

On Anastasia Steele/Grey in "Fifty Shades Freed": In this third chapter, Anastasia needs to get used to her life as a wife, his husband’s lifestyle and his oppressive nature. This movie is about details, that define the relationship between Christian and Anastasia.

On working with Sam Taylor-Johnson and James Foley: It was two completely different experiences, but I think they’ve both done an incredible job. It has been enlightening to see how a man and a woman can work on such material. I think Sam Taylor Johnson was perfect for the first movie, just as the other two were better for James. This third movie, in particular, is full of suspense, a thrilled almost.

On being pregnant on "Fifty Shades Freed": I’ve already been pregnant in 2012, in a show called “Ben & Kate”. It’s something I love. It’s a role that I’ve played a lot in my family as well considering I have a lot of younger siblings; when I'm around children, I tend to lose control & be a little childish myself.

On "Suspiria" and working with Luca: I love the original (Suspiria) and we (Luca & Dakota) have done our best to honor it and make it better maybe. It’s artistically beautiful, such an incredible work. The design, the soundtrack, it was fascinating and unique. Beautiful yet terrifying. Working with Luca was both relaxing and terribly frenetic: he is a real director. A real Italian director. He finds inspiration in everything: colors, music, one frame. He never stands one minute still, he is always brainstorming. 

On "A Bigger Splash" and working with Tilda Swinton: I’ve been so happy (to go back to work with Tilda). It was a much different experience from A Bigger Splash, where we shot in Pantelleria, a place that almost forced us into having more raw and dry performances. It’s an island full of energy and color, maybe because it’s on a volcano. Everything is so vivid; the plants, the people…it’s like the island is a character of its own. Suspiria is the opposite. It’s a movie of makeup, different hairstyles and wigs. Tilda and I had so much fun together, we love working together. She is so smart and adorable, full of talent. Working with her is always a dream come true.

On "Sound of Metal": He (Matthias) is such a special person, very smart but also real funny. I loved working with him. We go along really well and telling the story of “The Sound of Metal” was really beautiful. It was a pleasure to work with him on this movie.

On Mom Melanie and Grandmother Tippi: I think I’ve taken a bit from both (Melanie & Tippi). I’d like to think I’ve inherited some of my grandmother’s strength & grace. She is the most elegant woman I’ve ever met in my life. My mom is very brilliant and funny. I’d like to think of myself like that as well.

When her family found out she got the part in "Fifty Shades Freed": I accepted the role way before they (Melanie and Tippi) knew but I knew they were behind me 100%. They know it’s just work, that it’s not me, I am acting. I think my mom even read the first book but aside from that, it has been a very private experience for me. It still is, we never talk about Fifty Shades. My dad was thrilled as well: he is not a very protective person and he support anything I do. Obviously, my dad, my mom and grandma have never seen the movies and I wouldn’t want them to.

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