Friday, January 12, 2018

New Interview of Dakota and Jamie Dorna in "TvDirekt" Magazine [Germany]


Translated by us

The finale part of the Fifty Shades trilogy kicks off on February 15th. Here, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan talk exclusive about the five secrets of their friendship.

1. Absolute trust

"The good news is that only Dakota knows what I'm going through during the shoot, and only me, know what she is going through," reveals Jamie Dornan. "We really need each other very much during this process, as there are days when it is not easy on the set and much is required of us." Especially from Dakota. She is the one who has to show a lot more naked skin. And often she comes across very vulnerable. Especially in such intimate scenes it is important to have a partner you can rely on. "We developed a deep friendship during the shoot," Dakota Johnson enthuses. "Our relationship is based on trust, respect and mutual protection, so the sex scenes in the third part were much more enjoyable, because you know each other so well and the pressure was not as high as at the beginning of the first movie."

2. A new look

In "Fifty Shades Freed," Christian's apartment is almost unrecognizable: "Our set designer Nelson Coates has made it a little more welcoming and approachable, and in the third part we felt much better on it - though only a few walls were repainted and carpets replaced. Also the "playroom" is softer and more sensitive than ever," says Jamie happily.

3. Feel-good factor

"We've come up with the perfect formula for how we can best turn the erotic scenes, and that particular dimmed light was very important to our feel-good factor," says Dakota. "When you shoot such brutal scenes, you need that light to soften them," Jamie says. "That's when Dakota and I went over to adding a little more humor, which helped."

4. A deep bond

"With every project, I develop an inexplicable connection to my role, and Ana has especially impressed and motivated me to change from a weak, vulnerable girl to a very strong and powerful young woman," says Dakota. Jamie also confirms, "In part 3, I felt much closer to Christian than in the first film, and he was always a good person inside, but he was overshadowed by the experiences he had as a young boy. The love of Anastasia brought out the best out of him."

5. The little teasing

When you spend together for so long, is there a fight? "No, but I'm getting stupid thoughts," Dakota reveals. "Jamie always drinks his tea right away, and when he asks for his tea again, I say, 'I'll get it for you!' And then I mixed chips, carrots, and spicy sauce into his cup, and on his birthday I filled his trailer with so many balloons that he did not even get in. And once he was hungry, I ordered him 300 chicken wings. Tha came from the bottom of my heart! ", she laughs.

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