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New Interview + Promotional Outtake of Dakota in "Tu Style" Magazine {Italy}

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Interview translated by us.

Does the film faithfully follow the plot of the book?
Dakota: At first, yes, although there are some surprises.

Is it true that sex this time is more canonical?
Dakota: I would say yes.

The cast also has Kim Basinger, diva of the generation of your mother. Have you talked about 'Nine Weeks and Half of Love', true precursor of Fifty Shades?
Dakota: Certainly not.

Were you more or less naked than in the first movie?
Dakota: Whoever takes off the clothes this time is Jamie, he is the objetive this time.

Are we going to have Dornan's famous frontal nudity that everyone is waiting for?
Dakota: Oh no, to know the answer you have to buy the movie ticket.

Well, expectations are high: in the first 24 hours, 114 million people watched the trailer ...
Dakota: Yes, but it does not necessarily mean they will watch the movie. Maybe we should start charging for the trailer, by that point we'd be ready.

How did you shoot two movies simultaneously?
Dakota: A marathon of six months, very tiring. And straight away I was confused; they went from a scene from the second movie to one from the third, or vice versa. It was not easy, because there is an emotional evolution of the characters.

After the trilogy, how do you see your future?
Dakota: I don't like plans, I'd rather follow my instincts. However, I also did another film, Suspiria, remake of Dario Argento's movie. Director Luca Guadagnino had proposed it to me while we shooting "A Bigger Splash" in Pantelleria.

What is he like, Guadagnino?
Dakota: I love him; He is kind, intelligent, funny, special. And he's also an intellectual, which is good.

The protagonist of Suspiria is a dancer. How was it?
Dakota: Well, I studied ballet for ten years. But it was not easy, it took six months of training for me to get fit and be able to dance.

Have you thought about pursuing this career [dancer]?
Dakota: No, it was just a hobby. I've never dreamed of anything but acting. It's the world I grew up in: it served to me like a glove.

What things do you most enjoy about being an actress?
Dakota: Everything. Learning new things, telling stories, talking about women I admire, working with intelligent filmmakers, participating in the whole creative process...I even have my own production company, I just haven't  had time to focus on it yet.

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