Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Eric Johnson talks about Dakota with Cosmopolitan

1. Despite the serious and dark (!) content of the script, there were a lot of laughs on set. “Dakota is an incredibly funny person. The first 3 weeks of the shoot were centered around my place of work in the movie, Seattle Independent Press offices. We got to hang out. It was great. We had a lot of fun those first few weeks.”

4. It’s really hard to play the asshole. “It doesn’t feel good to be a horrible, violent, misogynist person. I’d feel just awful. [Dakota] was so great to work with and always positive and thankfully didn’t take anything personally. But tapping into that creepy lecherous human being and escalating from there — it only gets worst. The things I really struggled with were the more violent things, just being violent towards women. It’s not something I’ve really done [on screen] before and that felt awful.”

5. Playing a villain meant a lot of showers after work. “[The films] got darker and more violent, and those were the things that [made me] feel dirty at the end of the day. I’d take a shower and wash all the grossness. I just felt like I had to constantly apologize to Dakota. We really see that in the third movie, just how far he’s willing to take it.”

8. Fans lurking on set were surprisingly well-behaved. “The thing that blew me away was people traveled from all over the world just to be there. We finished the shoot for both movies in Paris and there were over 1,000 people that had surrounded our location and were just so excited and so enthralled. That’s all for Jamie and Dakota; I was just there caught in the blast zone, so to speak."

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  1. Dakota and Jamie have so many fans that love them, not just the books/stories. Fans all over the world are now aware of actors because they were part of these movies.