Wednesday, February 22, 2017

New Interview of Dakota with "Io Donna del Corriere della Sera" Magazine {Italy}


Translated by Us

She is elegant, discreet, with a subtle sense of humor. Daughter of the actors Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, Dakota Johnson grew in the sets. Buts despite the illustrious genealogy, until a few years ago, she went from one audition to another trying to get a decent role; Today, at age 27, she is an international star. Fifty Shades of Grey - the first film of E. L James' erotic trilogy - earned $ 570 million at the box office. And now, in the second part of the trigoly, Fifty Shades Darker, she reprises her role as Anastasia Steele (learning that she discovers her sex life with the tormented billionaire Christian Grey, played by Jamie Dornan). Dakota, who often appears naked in erotic scenes, appears with a more behaved look: long skirt, wide sweater, little make-up, and loose hair. She just finished filming Suspiria, the remake of Dario Argento's thriller directed by Luca Guadagnino. And she talks about it enthusiastically. However, she responds to personal questions reflexively. Carefully. Of course, she is determined to do what she loves most in the world: acting. And someday, she will go behind the scenes to produce movies. The genes of the family are all there, she knew since she was little - she explains - it was only a matter of time. And opportunity.

Fifty Shades Darker is the second chapter of the saga, and the third is already in post-production. Is not it boring to play the same character?
Dakota: No, on the contrary, I accepted that role because it allowed me to follow Anastasia in her transformation: from the naive and innocent girl to a woman trying to find out who she is during her journey of sexual discovery.

The first film was directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, a visual artist, and now it was the turn of James Foley, a director of action and suspense. Was the dynamics on the set different?
Dakota: Yes, and I'm convinced that the first film was perfect for what was proposed: introduce the characters and their stories. James, for his part, is the right man for a thriller-thriller movie. 

With these two films shot together, you spent more time with Jamie Dornan and his family. How was that?
Dakota: It was good. In Vancouver, often on weekends, his two beautiful children were there, a breath of fresh air. Our friendship helped me a lot when we filmed the most intimate scenes. 

What did your mother, Melanie, say about your super-erotic role?
Dakota: My parents never interfered in my professional choices; I've always been adamant about it, but I don't think they want to see my movies, it would be "inappropriate" (laughs). However, they don't judge me based on the projects I choose, they prefer to see how I act in life as a human being. 

You seem to be perfectly at ease in the sex scenes: where does such tranquility come from?
Dakota: From my mother, who taught me, since when I was younger, that women's bodies are beautiful and there is nothing wrong in showing it.

You have become famous in a short time. How did that change your life?
Dakota: In addition to the obvious things like having to talk to reporters (smile), I'm in an enviable position: I can talk to people I admire, discuss movies with great actors. Nice thing, after years of auditioning.

With the success of these films, is it easier or harder for you to go on a date? Are not men a bit intimidated?
Dakota: I would like to know that if I left the house a couple of times (laughs).

And why don't you leave it?
Dakota: I'm a homely person, I like to stay home with my friends much more than to go out and show myself in public.

You just shot the remake of Suspia, by Luca Guadagnino.
Dakota: The most beautiful experience of my life. I've always loved Dario Argento's movie. 

It's your second film with Guadagnino and Tilda Swinton.
Dakota: Yes. We've shot "A Bigger Splash" together. In Suspiria, Tilda and I had so much fun. Working with her is a dream, really. 

Is it difficult to maintain your identity in Hollywood when you are surrounded by advertisers, agents, stylists, and everyone who wants to give their opinion on how you should look?
Dakota: I've recently decided that I'm not going to deal with social networks any more, let alone explain to the world who I am: my job is acting and maybe someday producing and directing movies, but that doesn't project a correct perception of myself. I don't need everyone to understand who I am, it would make me miss the last bit of privacy I have left. 

So Dakota, tell us at least what your favorite sex toy is.
Dakota: But this one (laughs) is a very inappropriate question! However, if you really want to know, I don't have one in particular... 

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