Saturday, February 3, 2018

New "Fifty Shades Freed" Promo Picture of Dakota in "Madonna" Magazine Austria [February 3rd, 2018]


The story is a "modern fairy tale, but with real people and real feelings," is how leading actress Dakota Johnson describes the plot of the novel films "Fifty Shades of Grey". 

After the publication of the first part (Fifty Shades Of Grey) on Valentine's Day 2015, Dakota admitted: "I doubt it all the time. Even now, there are moments when I think, 'What the hell have I done?'"

"Anastasia becomes the ultimate passionate, courageous and protective woman. These are the qualities I admire most about her - and there is not a moment when she compromises herself for something or for someone else. That makes her an unexpectedly good role model for women."

Also, director James Foley is thrilled with the 28-year-olds: "She was so relentless in her endeavor to make the character of Ana as real and credible as possible."

"I'm wistful, grateful for the experience and eager for the future,"

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