Tuesday, February 6, 2018

New "Fifty Shades Freed" Promo Picture + Interview of Dakota in "Telegid" Magazine (Ukraine)



Interview translated by Us

- Dakota, now that the third film from the series "50 shades" is completed, how do you feel?

Dakota: I feel nostalgic, grateful for the experience and excited about the expectation of an unknown future.

- How was your last day of shooting?

Dakota: In fact, it was a night shift ... In the morning we waited for the dawn to remove the final shots. It seemed that this will never happen! The wait was tiring, but when we saw the sun, the morning was beautiful.

- In the last film, Anastasia joined Christian. How are their relations developing now, into "Fifty Shades Freed"?

Dakota: Anastasia and Christian decided that the connection between them will be eternal. They are a mirror image of each other. Therefore, these two lovers decided to get married, and to this they came quite consciously - this will give the couple an opportunity to focus on their own feelings. It seems to them that in this way no external influence or threat can overshadow their happiness. At the same time Anastasia took a more sexual and dominant side of herself, which is the driving force in the film.

-What does she like about marriage?

Dakota: Anastasia becomes more confident, despite the fact that she has more responsibilities. Now we are talking not only about her life, but also about the life of her husband and, ultimately, of their children. I think marriage suits her.


- Was it difficult to shoot the wedding scene?

Dakota: It was funny and at the same time strange. Before that, I never took part in such ceremonies. This is one of the few cases when the entire large cast of actors appeared on set.

- As in the previous films, was there a place for humor in the film?

Dakota: Of course, you can release a separate comic on it.

- You probably had a hard time making a serious face on the set?

Dakota: Oh yeah. I often suddenly laughed in camera, and as a result I had to duplicate the double.

- Christian Grey is a rather complicated person. What did Jamie Dornan bring to this key role?

Dakota: Jamie stressed not only the complexity of his character, but also gave him a comic accent. Christian by temperament of the character is rather cold and detached, but Jamie is gentle and, accordingly, gave him some of his heat.

- Did you manage to make friends on the set of these three films?

Dakota: I feel that we have become friends forever.

- It helped you to become more natural in intimate scenes?

Dakota: Of course, if we did not get along, it would be much more difficult. The shooting of erotic scenes is always awkward, and their intensity grows along the course of history; so if I did not trust him or feel safe, it would be a nightmare.


- Anastacia and Christian really love each other. Why are their feelings in every film being tested?

Dakota: The biggest test was the fact that my heroine became pregnant. After all, at that time they were not ready for the birth of a child. For Christian it is a threat to lose freedom, and Anastasia is just too young to become a mother.

- Is the movie gradually turning into a thriller?

Dakota: There are certain moments of thriller in the third film, because Anastacia's life is under threat.

- What do you see in Anastacia Steele?

Dakota: I consider her to be intelligent, compassionate, tough, frank, dignified and elegant. She respects herself and others. She is an inspiring woman and a good person.

- Many young girls around the world look at her, but admire you.

Dakota: That makes me feel uncomfortable. But in fact, I was just given an incredible opportunity to breathe life into Anastacia's image.


- How did you work with director James Foley?

Dakota: He's very smart. Strictly adheres to work ethic, allows actors to experiment with their characters. In addition, James always forgives the team members different liberties.

- How was the impact on the process of the presence on the set of the author of novels EL James?

Dakota: With film adaptation always like this - you can never put the whole book in a film. Of course, she wanted to make sure that all the important points fall into the picture.

- When you evaluate all the experience of working on "Shades", any special memories come up?

Dakota: We spent years on these projects...There were thousands of special moments and memories. But the most important thing for me is the people I met and the relationship that I built.

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