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New Quotes from Dakota's Interview with Cosas Peru

Translated by Us

American actress of twenty-eight years. Daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, and granddaughter of the mythical Tippi Hedren. She achieved international stardom by becoming the protagonist of the film trilogy based on the torrid saga of novels that began with Fifty Shades of Grey.

With the imminent release of Fifty Shades released, a cycle of films that has completely changed the career and life of Dakota Johnson, who in this interview tells us about the experience of working with actor Jamie Dorman, and also their relationship with eroticism and nudity on the screen.

Had you read Fifty Shades of Grey before the filming of the first movie?

Dakota: Only the first book, and during the audition process I read the other two. Obviously, I wanted to know what my character would have to do.

And what did you think of the story?

Dakota: They are not easy books, although they are read very quickly. And many women did it. What fascinated me was the epic love story, like a fairy tale. It is a very strange and interesting couple, which intrigues.

Before you accept this role were you interested in erotic novels?

Dakota: Yes and no. I knew them; I have read Bukowski a lot, and I confess that I love erotic books. I also like erotic paintings, like those of Egon Schiele: his idea of the female body interests me very much.

How do you feel without clothes?

Dakota: I have always felt very comfortable with my body. In this film, the scenes were so technical that I never focused on how the image of my body was projected. I grew up in an environment where the idea of feeling comfortable with myself was instilled in me from a young age.

Is it true that in "Fifty Shades of Grey" director Sam Taylor-Johnson opted to leave the intimate scenes for the end of filming?

Dakota: It is true, and that gave us time to develop trust between Jamie and me, to know each other and to understand the strength of each one of us, knowing where we needed to be supported and protected.

Did you have to get in shape before you started filming?

Dakota: Yes, both Jamie and I had to train fully. I did Pilates for months, burning between 400 and 500 calories per session, which changed my body.

Is Christian Grey your ideal man?

Dakota: Not at all.

What do you think is the sexiest scene in this trilogy?

Dakota: Hard question, because I was not focused on looking sexy in these films. I think it may be a scene in this third film, when Anastasia dresses slowly, putting on her clothes a few.

How would you describe an ideal romantic relationship?

Dakota: As in this story, in real life there is no single type of ideal love. And the same thing I say about my personal life.

What did you like most about Anastasia?

Dakota: I love your self-esteem, especially in these times. Anastasia is one hundred percent herself, authentic, and has a lot of honor and courage. I believe that the loss of virginity is one of the deepest moments in a woman's life, and she experiences it along with Christian's particular interests.

Do you think that following the revelation of cases of sexual abuse in Hollywood this film will impact even more than the others?

Dakota: I do not think it impacts how women are treated in this industry. Maybe empower women to feel strong and calm in their relationships and in their workplaces, where they should be treated with equity. Art and cinema have a lot of impact, and I am prepared to do whatever it takes to support this important cause.

Have you talked about the issue of bullying with your grandmother Tippi Hedren?

Dakota: I've talked a lot with her about it. She told me about her experience with Hitchcock, which was terrible, very similar to the problems many women experience today, although it happened to her in the sixties. Luckily, I have not had that kind of experience.

Did you see The birds?

Dakota: I saw it, but not with her, with my mom. I asked my grandmother how I could get to her house after interpreting such terrible scenes, and she told me that she was sleeping totally exhausted. It was very difficult for her to find the balance, especially facing the harassment of Hitchcock.

What do you think you inherited from your grandmother and your mother?

Dakota: I would like to believe that I possess a bit of the strength and grace of my grandmother, she is the most fascinating woman I have ever met in my life. My mom, on the other hand, is smart and very funny.

Was it difficult for you to follow the same profession as your parents?

Dakota: Anyone who follows the career of their parents wants to break the molds they marked. I do not want them to know me forever as "the daughter of my mom or my dad".


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