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New interview of Dakota with Vanity Fair Italy [November 4th Issue]


Interview translated by DakotaJFans.


After Fifty Shades of Grey, we find the cinema once again scantily clad. And, although considering her body only one "artistic tool" DAKOTA JOHNSON had some difficulties. Blame the hot rocks and a special atmosphere.

They make us sit on two high stools, already set for a television interview that will be made later. The location is inconvenient and there are cables around and then there are other cables, the typical disorder behind the scenes, when the cameras are off again. Behind the curtain there's buzz, click of shoes, a microcosm that moves to hysterical steps. Yet Dakota Johnson, just 26 years old, a musician boyfriend (Matthew Hitt of Downers), couture dress and makeup, is quiet as if she were at home in your pyjamas. I tell her, and she replies: "I grew up on the set, I know situations like this. I just see the catering van to feel at home"

The entertainment world is full of sons of art but not many have the talent of Dakota. Look at Black Mass with Johnny Depp: steals the show even with an actor like him. The first time I became aware of Dakota, I did not know who it was in The Social Network, the girl who goes to bed with Justin Timberlake and introduces him to a thing called Facebook. Even there only a few lines, but it remained imprinted. I only found out later that she was the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, and granddaughter of Tippi Hedren and step-daughter of Antonio Banderas.

Sam Taylor-Johnson, the director who directed her in Fifty Shades of Grey (the first sequel will be released in 2017), said that at the audition Dakota was presented with a monologue from a film by Ingmar Bergman. It seems that it was just Sam Taylor-Johnson to report it to A Bigger Splash by Luca Guadagnino where it is again - talent. As you know, the film was presented at the Venice Film Festival, inexplicably treated badly by Italian critics, but appreciated by the foreign. When released in theatres on November 26, the public can do it justice.

I go to the point: she accepted a "scandalous" movie, Fifty Shades of Grey as well as in A Bigger Splash, and is often half-naked. How much security we want to shoot certain scenes? 

"It is not a safety or self-esteem issue. I try to use my body as an artistic tool, serving the character that I am asked to do. But you wants to know how I felt that day in Pantelleria (where A Bigger Splash was filmed) while working the scene where I'm naked on the rocks?"

Yes thanks. 

"I felt fucking scared. I felt tiny and very vulnerable. The landscape around was wonderful but also a bit 'left, the rocks were hot, there was a slight descent into the abyss. Luca (Guadagnino) also had a sprained ankle, that day we were all more strained than ever. Yet it was magical, it was what I should be getting the film: something that takes you away from yourself and create something new."

She saw the pool, the original film of 1969 in which Guadagnino has inspired?

"Some time ago, well before there was this project. But I wanted to re-see. She helped me a lot, Tilda (Swinton, star of the film), before we started shooting, and advised me to read the books of Françoise Sagan. There I found all the rage, desire, mental confusion request for the character, a seventeen year old pretending to be greater."

Have you ever lied about your age? 
"Often. To buy cigarettes, a classic."

What else was a teenager like her? 
"I had a boyfriend that I was madly in love with. I would have thrown out the window for him. "

And then? 
"Then it's over, but sometimes we feel."

Among the films of her mother, what are your favorites? 
"As a child I loved 'Now and Then', now I think the most beautiful of all is 'Something Wild'."

And you were going around the world to follow the work of hers? 
"Total immersion in movies. For years I heard [people] all around me speak obsessively of cinema, imagine continuous film as they would come and who would get them. " 

Good or bad?
"Very intense. To the point that I became fixed too. I was able to watch the same movie every day for weeks. I learned the lines by heart and I did influence the characters. I dyed my hair, I dressed and talked like them. I had various phases. In one of them I presented myself at school wearing makeup and coiffed like Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice. "

In A Bigger Splash, where Swinton plays a rock star celebrity, it is understood that the love life of celebrities is often also complicated by their level of exposure. What do you think?
"I think being famous greatly influences the way people look at you and approach you. Some want a piece of you, it's a kind of robbery, and it's horrible "

How do you keep a distance?
"You have to have a built-in bullshit detector. Luckily for me, I grew up with the experts."

You have plans for your career, for your future? 
"Plans, no. But I have many dreams. I like to write, and one day I would like to direct a film."

Many of her fellow peers, sooner or later, they sing. 
"Oh no, not my case! I solemnly swear that there will never be an album of Dakota Johnson."

Maybe one day sign a clothing line. 
"Yeah, most likely. I like fashion, because it is a great communication tool."

Can you explain to me.
"After Fifty Shades, I have so many fans, many strangers suddenly interested to know things about me. But I rarely say how I am. Indeed, there are days when I do not want to be photographed, I do not feel neither beautiful nor strong. Yet, the clothes I wear often help me to express how I feel, sometimes better than words. "

She has an Instagram account that she uses the least. 
"They forced me to open it. Because fans were looking for my brother or my sister to talk to me. Honestly, it seems to me a useful tool to inform on humanitarian activities and little else. But I do not know exactly what to do and do not even know if I like it. The only technology thing that I like to use is FaceTime"

Who do you spend more time with on FaceTime? 
"With my sister Stella (daughter of Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas). We talk every day. "

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