Friday, October 9, 2015

Mark Townsend mentions Dakota with W Magazine

What is the first hairstyle you remember falling in love with?
Mark: Michelle Pfeiffer in any movie from the ‘80s. Everyone says Scarface, but for me it was Tequila Sunrise. I just did this whole press tour with Dakota Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen and pictures of Michelle Pfeiffer were the inspiration the entire time. It was right after Scarface, when she cut the bob. This is the hairstyle that made me want to be a hairstylist.

So it’s a little bit about taking a risk? 
Mark: When I met Dakota, she didn’t have her fringe and that fringe really changes her face too. The fringe just makes her look so effortless and cool; she doesn’t have to do anything to her hair, it’s just the bangs. And Lea Michele too, when she cut those bangs, it was almost life changing you know. And in the beginning it wasn’t even a haircut, we clipped those bangs in. I’m a bang connoisseur, I love ‘em!

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