Monday, August 31, 2015

Scans: Dakota, "Black Mass" and "A Bigger Splash" in "Ciak" Magazine Italy + Translation


Director Scott Cooper Mentions Dakota:

"She's young but fearless, she's not afraid of anything. She might seem fragile but she's really tough. Dakota Johnson has been standing Johnny Depp's ground like a boss."

"The actors know that I'm on their side, a part of their team. I love collaborations but I hate auditions, I prefer to meet up with the actors for a few hours and see if we have the same ideas and thoughts. I hate rehersals, too. The movie must begin with the word "action" and end with "cut"; I'm not looking for parrots that come to set to repeat over and over again something they've learned by memory at home."

About A bigger Splash, there are no quotes about Dakota in the article.

Scans thanks to @justjamiedakota.
Translation thanks to EDJ.

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