Monday, November 13, 2017

New Interview of Dakota with Vogue Italia [November 2017]


Translated by us

The most bold seduction is the one that leaves the field to the imagination. DAKOTA JOHNSON knows it, transgressive and disturbing in cinema, diva for Mario Testino on the set of Intimissimi.

Dakota is ready to click, radiant in the red fire evening dress she chose from her personal wardrobe for shots with photographer Mario Testino. On the "Insideandout" Intimissima campaign set, the lingerie is there but you can not see it. Astonishingly concealed with the idea of ​​provoking the imagination of those who look and give strength to the personality of women wearing it. A fascinating perceptual exercise, more or less explicit, that Dakota also requires viewers of her next cinematographic work, starting with "Fifty Shades Freed" - the last of the saga, will go to Valentine's Day - where the tormented Anastasia Steele will marry (with Mr Grey, of course) and will face new sex in dark tones. And then in the remake of the horror cult "Suspiria", directed by Luca Guadagnino - will arrive in theaters in the spring and anticipate to be a lot more terrifying and disturbing than the original - where she interprets the dancer Susy Benner.

What does it mean for her to be sexy?

Dakota: In these times I find it difficult to find sensuality and femininity communicated in an interesting way. I am attracted to forms that inspire respect and arouse unique emotions. This brave Intimissimi campaign speaks of real women and focuses on interiority.

She has been modeling in the past, with Testino already worked.

Dakota: Yes, when I took my first cover of "Vogue". I was very nervous, but Mario always feels funny and free. I did the modeling thing when I was very young, maybe too much. I remember feeling nothing but the feeling of the five thousand watts that illuminated and amplified my clumsiness and my insecurities.

After the "Fifty Shades", we will see her in the remake of "Suspiria". How did it go on the set, between Varese and Berlin?

Dakota: It was an incredible experience for intensity work, a talented cast and simply for the subject. This movie came into my life at 10 years: I was in Cesenatico, and I saw the poster of the ballerina with her head cut off. The impact was overwhelming. And yet, all the time, I've heard my soul burning.

With Luca Guadagnino it is a declared feeling.

Dakota: Well, the relationship of friendship and professional that bind me to him is something I thought could exist only in dreams.

Do you have a fetish object?

Dakota: I travel a lot and often I have to sleep in strange beds. I always wear a cashmere blanket of The Elder Statesman that my best friend embroidered for me.


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