Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New Interview of Dakota with Golden Globe

Translated by Us

"I am a girl who lives well within the family. I prefer to stay in my living room with my friends than be on the spotlight. The truth is that, when something is wrong, I prefer to deal with it rationally, rather than with an aggressive approach. This is what makes me a free woman and never submissive."

"I don't believe that a sensitive woman can't also be a determined person." 

"They {her parents} are protective, but they focus more on the mistakes that I do as a person away from the set." Q: "For example?  "Maybe if I feel too insecure." 

"Not everyone, however, can understand why I accepted this role {Anastasia} so far and this makes me sick."

"As a free and independent woman I have the right to not needing to explain to everyone who I am or how I feel about each topic. My work has to do with the movies, I will not tell others what ideas can or can not have."

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