Friday, May 6, 2016

Ralph Fiennes mentions Dakota with Collider


I was wondering if we could talk about Harry’s relationship with his daughter, sometimes it almost feels as if he’s ignoring her, as though she’s a new toy he’s gotten or something like that.

FIENNES: I didn’t feel that he was ignoring her so much as just he feels quite at ease in her company. But again, that’s another, they’ve just met, they’ve been traveling a bit. He loves how cool she is, how independent. He’s kind of intrigued by her. I think Harry’s the sort of guy who will feel someone’s energy quite quickly and he’s learned not to be over-attentive to Penelope and I think he sees that she is a sexual young creature and part of him is intrigued by that, but I don’t think he’s trying to sleep with her or anything like that. I think he’s sort of learning who she is, this new creature who is his daughter but also because he’s never experienced her as a child or as a baby, I would imagine that’s quite a weird one, if you suddenly, “Here is your daughter as a result of a fling you had years ago,” and this potent young woman enters the room. It’s probably a bit of a mind fuck. And how do you deal with that? I think Harry’s dealing with it quite well. I think they have a bond. There’s a couple of moments, I love working with Dakota, and again, I think we fell into a dynamic that I thought was quite right. They’re at peace with each other, and I think, what surprises Harry is that he’s quite protective of her. So, possibly hypocritically, but his feelings of anger that Paul might have slept with her, I find that very believable.

So much of what both of these characters are putting out is sort of sheathed in posturing or secrecy, how open do you think they were with one another?

FIENNES: I think, what Penelope and Harry? I think they are learning who each other is They’ve found a friendship, that’s what I’ve always thought. Despite knowing they are father and daughter, they are finding something. I think she’s, she’s a quite interesting character because some characters can see through adults’ bullshit. I think she sees through Harry’s bullshit. But also sees that he’s, you know, I can’t speak for Dakota. But I always felt that she wasn’t repulsed by Harry. She strikes me, as some young teenagers are, very canny about adult behavior. I think she’s like that, they see all the pretense and the posturing of adults. And I think she sees all that. I think she’s a really cool character, really.

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