Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New Interview of Dakota with Gonzoo

Interview translated by Us.

Dakota Johnson laughs at herself and her erotic image in this comedy -"How to be Single- based on the book with the same title written by Liz Tuccillo. Proud of her character in Grey, Dakota admits that is not ashamed of having starred in the erotic saga. "I feel very proud of Fifty Shades of Grey and do not need to put distance from it. The more I work, the more doors are open and I have access to the public ', recognized in the hotel room where we are in Los Angeles.

Determined, sparing in words and with many panels in an industry where already succeeded her parents, Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, Dakota is revealed as the sensation of the moment in Hollywood.

GONZOO: Do you think that young people today are less conventional than in the past?
DAKOTA JOHNSON: Yes, I think so. Women now have more opportunities to be independent, are more accepted in an egalitarian society, but I would encourage the idea that more needs to be done. I hope that someday women can say and do what they feel in complete freedom.

G: How do you proclaim your own independence?
Dakota: I do not like lecturing, I just express myself through my work. If I meet someone in my family or a friend who needs me, I give my advice to encourage them, but my recommendation reach only that point.

G: Are you good at making sexual jokes like in the movie?
Dakota: In the film this aspect is amplified for comic effect, but certainly I will not doing sex pictures of myself and then hang them on the internet to my friends. This is a ridiculous comedy and we had to create that appearance of a totally crazy way.

G: Are you having fun shooting that kind of situation?
Dakota: It's super fun. This film was one of my best professional experiences. I was surrounded by actresses with a spectacular comic ability, bright, strong actresses who inspired me to shaping my character.

G: The clothes we see in the film is very interesting, Did you contribute to the creation of costumes for your character?
Dakota: Yes, yes. I collaborated with our costume designer before filming began. I gave a series of drawings of what I considered my vision of the character, depending on how the character dressed in every moment, in every season. It was an interesting job because I had never dressed like her in a movie before and I liked it.

G: Are you afraid of the moment that you're living now?
Dakota: I am delighted with the opportunities I get. I will release the film A Bigger Splash with an Italian director.

G: What drives you to work with European filmmakers?
Dakota: No matter what the project if the script is good, if awakened my curiosity into an obsession and if I feel I can trust my emotions on the director, everything is okay.

G: Is it easy to react to improvisation with Rebel Wilson?
Dakota: I think we represent the characters react to each other and in this case we both had to improvise. To me I can easily react to an improvisation, because when you live in the moment you answer according to the parameters of the role you play.

G: Is it important to know how to live single?
Dakota: I do not think it's a problem to live single. There is no reason why we should always be with someone, or be with someone forever. Many of the experiences we have come from relationships, to learn from people with whom you are and follow your path. I think being single a long time is sensational.

G: What would you say is a good substitute for a relationship?
Dakota: I do not know, I guess being with my friends. Read, because I'm a voracious reader.

G: What are you reading now?
Dakota: A book entitled The Shining Girls [The light] it's about murders. And I just read the latest book by Patty Smith, M Train, which I think is sensational.

G: Is it hard to keep those moments of reading with such a busy schedule?
Dakota: No, because reading is my escape. My comfort, my need. When I have a moment of rest I open the book which I'm reading and the one I always carry in into my handbag. I am not always surrounded by people, I spend a lot of time alone because it is very important to me.

G: Did you dream about acting and fame as a kid?
Dakota: Yes. Absolutely. It's what I've wanted all my life. I have grown up surrounded by this world and have the chance of live my dream with these opportunities requires me to be eternally grateful.

G: Have your brothers an interest in the business?
Dakota: My older brother is a musician and actor. The others are very small.

G: What has been the most useful advice your mother gave you to manage into the industry?
Dakota: Probably to stay true to myself and my family. I do not like to talk about my family.

G: Your mother and father are on Twitter, Why not you?
Dakota: I consider it inappropriate. There is nothing important enough on Twitter to me that I have to say to everyone.

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